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Sun Blade 6000 Chassis

Modular integration for maximum efficiency

Oracle's Sun Blade 6000 supports a wide range of application environments by integrating Oracle's x86 and SPARC server modules with high capacity networking and storage modules. This extremely eco-efficient and flexible blade enclosure provides a solid foundation for the most demanding workloads. Controlled by a single system management interface, the balanced architecture of the Sun Blade 6000 chassis provides an open, standards-based infrastructure for virtualized business applications, IT infrastructure, middleware, workload consolidation and databases.
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The Sun Blade 6000 chassis fits into a compact form factor—only 10RU—while supporting any combination up to 10 full-featured, top-performance storage or server modules. With 6.4 Terabit-per-second maximum I/O throughput, and up to 20 computing nodes per chassis—offering up to 960 cores per 42RU rack and up to 7.68 TB memory per rack—the Sun Blade 6000 chassis is a versatile solution for all your data center needs. Its versatile architecture allows mixing of x86 and SPARC server modules with storage modules in the same chassis to address diverse workloads.

Leveraging the modular architecture and its uniquely flexible ability to configure granular I/O for each individual server module, the Sun Blade 6000 chassis allows you to accommodate a broader range of data center applications than is possible with competing blade servers. This versatility dramatically lowers costs for virtualization and enterprise applications while also facilitating accelerated deployment of production systems within a highly-reliable and efficient blade chassis.

Part No. blade6000chassis
Manufacturer Sun Oracle
End of Life? Yes
Rack Units 10 U
Height 438.15 mm
Width 444.50 mm
Depth 692.15 mm
Weight [Kg] 35.70
PCI Slot(s) Supported Protocols:
PCIe 2.0, SAS 2.0, SATA 3.0, GbE I/O Modules
Up to 20 PCIe EMs per Sun Blade 6000 Chassis
Up to 2 NEMs per Sun Blade 6000 Chassis
Simplify Chassis Management

Unlike competing blade solutions that use complex chassis management approaches, the simple design of the Sun Blade 6000 chassis streamlines administration, simplifies maintenance, and facilitates integration with existing legacy infrastructure management platforms to further reduce operational costs. With support for key industry-standard interfaces and a Java-based remote console, the Sun Blade 6000 chassis can be rapidly integrated into your Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center environment or with third-party management infrastructures. This flexibility eliminates unnecessary complexity and enables the Sun Blade 6000 chassis to be managed within an existing multivendor, heterogeneous IT infrastructure without any special training or tools. In addition, each chassis is shipped with a standard Chassis Monitoring Module (CMM) for greater control.

Protect Your Investment

There are two separate front-to-rear airflows in the chassis. One is powered by the redundant front fan modules contained within the power supply modules, while the other is powered by the rear fan modules that cool the server modules. The front-to-back cooling design and redundant power supply modules of the chassis prevent downtime and protect your investments. The front fan modules cool the system’s power supply modules, PCIe ExpressModules, Network Express Modules, and Chassis Monitoring Module; the redundant (N+1) rear fan modules pull cool air through the server modules and are hot swappable.

Reduce Space, Cooling, and Power Costs

Reduced costs and faster time to production are the guiding design principles behind the Sun Blade 6000 chassis. The chassis is easy to upgrade and includes energy-efficient power supply modules with headroom for future growth. Using a superior design, the cooling and power infrastructure of multiple systems are consolidated into a single Sun Blade 6000 chassis to create a highly efficient, small footprint infrastructure solution that reduces overall space, cooling, and power costs in the data center.

Enhance Power Supply Reliability

Although a single power supply module can power the entire chassis, the Sun Blade 6000 chassis has two hot-swappable, redundant power supply modules, each with its own front fan modules. Each chassis can deliver up to 5,740 W of redundant power, with a power supply output of 12 V, and requires only four power inlets. The system’s actual power consumption depends on the type of server, storage and I/O modules installed. The power inlets are arranged in 1+1 redundant configurations, requiring connection to a 200–240 V, 16–20 A outlet. Metal cable retainers are provided to prevent accidental power cord removal. The power supply modules of the chassis are highly reliable and power-efficient.

Increase Scalability

The Sun Blade 6000 chassis was designed for superior I/O, high reliability, availability and serviceability (RAS) and supports cost-effective scaling out with ease. It features an industry-standard PCIe 2.0 midplane and an integrated storage backplane. With all of its active components hot pluggable and hot swappable, the chassis leverages its innovative modular architecture to improve both availability and performance, to immediately enhance your data center ROI.