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Arista Networks 7148S 10G SFP Data Center Switch

48-port 10 GbE 800 Gbps, 600 Mpps, L2/3/4, 1U Switch (SFP)

The Arista 7100 Series is a family of high performance, very low latency layer 2/3/4 10 Gigabit Ethernet data center switches. Offered with 24 and 48 ports in a compact 1RU chassis with redundant power and cooling, the Arista 7100 Series features front-to-rear airflow when mounted in either direction for flexible rack-top server aggregation deployments. All ports accommodate the full range of 10GbE SFP+ or GbE SFP optical or copper physical layer options, allowing for maximum flexibility and investment protection as customers of all sizes migrate their server connections from Gigabit to 10 Gigabit Ethernet.
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Arista EOS™

The Arista 7100 Series runs Arista EOS™, a data center-class operating system with a modular protected memory architecture that ensures the highest levels of reliability and availability. Each process is monitored and restarted automatically in response to failure, while in-service software upgrades (ISSU) allow individual software components to be updated without disrupting system operation.Arista EOS automates the networking infrastructure natively with VMware vSphere via VM Tracer to provide VM discovery, auto-VLAN provisioning, and unprecedented visibility into the virtual computing environment.

Arista EOS™ Key Attributes

Arista EOS™ is a highly modular operating system based on a unique multi-process state sharing architecture that completely separates networking state from processing. This enables fault recovery and incremental software updates on a fine-grain process basis without affecting the state of the system. Key EOS attributes include:

  • Fine Grained Modularity
  • Software Fault Containment (SFC)
  • Stateful Fault Repair (SFR)
  • In-Service Software Upgrades (ISSU)
  • Access to Linux Tools
  • Extensible Network Services
  • Integration with 3rd Party Applications
  • Ample memory for 3rd party applications

Predictable Latency and Multicast

The ultra-low latency characteristics of the Arista 7100 Series are consistent regardless of packet size and port speed, which means customers can reap the benefits of industry leading latency at 1 Gigabit speeds in addition to 10 Gigabit speeds. The 7100 Series latency is also predictable with little variance in environments with random packet sizes which is key to improving and maintaining application performance and server utilization. Multicast and broadcast throughput is also very consistent at all packet sizes, maintaining line rate performance with no packet drops. This means that multimedia applications such as content delivery and video conferencing can be used in the network in a reliable and effective way.

High Availability

The Arista 7100 Series was designed for high availability from both a software and hardware perspective. Key high availability features include:

  • Two 1+1 hot-swappable independent power supplies
  • Five N+1 hot-swappable independent fans
  • Dual management ports
  • In-Service Software Upgrades (ISSU)
  • Self healing software with Stateful Fault Repair (SFR)
  • Up to 16 10GbE ports per link aggregation group (LAG)
  • ECMP routing for load balancing and redundant fail over

Target Positioning

The Arista 7100S Switches are positioned for a variety of places in the network including:

  • Top-of-Rack Server Aggregation
  • Blade Server Aggregation
  • Network Spine and Aggregation
  • HPC Cluster Interconnects
  • Storage Access
  • Cloud Networking Interconnects

10 Gigabit Ethernet is becoming the interconnect of choice in data centers of all sizes providing key improvements in terms of bandwidth, latency, scalability, reliability and application performance. The Arista 7100 Series enables a seamless migration path from existing Gigabit Ethernet-based servers to 10 Gigabit Ethernet-based high-performance servers while further enabling the transition to virtualized environments.

Part No. DCS-7148S
Width 440
Height 44
Depth 515
Weight [Kg] 13.20
Compliant Standards EMI: FCC Part 15 Class A; ICES-003 Class A; VCCI Class A
Safety: IEC/UL/CSA/EN 60950; CE; UL; TUV Mark
Other: ROHS-5 compliant
Bandwidth 600 Mpps
Switching Capacity 800Gbps
Ports 48 SFP+
Port-Port Latency 600-900ns
Compatible CPU(s) x86 Dual Core
Memory Capacity 2 GB
USB Port(s) 1
Serial Ports 1
LAN Socket(s) 2x 10/100/1000 Mgmt Ports

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