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Cisco Nexus 2148T Fabric Extender

Compact, scalable access layer.

The Cisco Nexus 2148T provides 48 Gigabit Ethernet server ports and four 10 Gigabit Ethernet uplink ports in a compact one rack unit (1RU) form factor.
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The combination of the Cisco Nexus 2148T with upstream Cisco Nexus Series Switches offers a highly cost-effective access-layer strategy for Gigabit Ethernet and mixed Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet server environments.

Designed to deliver the benefits of both top-of-rack and end-of-row configurations, the Cisco Nexus 2148T Fabric Extender features:

  • A front-to-back cooling system that is compatible with data center hot- and cold-aisle designs
  • Switch ports at the rear of the unit in close proximity to server ports
  • Access to all user-serviceable components from the front panel
Manufacturer Cisco
Part No. N2K-C2148T-1GE
Width 439.4
Height 43.7
Depth 508
Weight [Kg] 8.20
Bandwidth 176 Gbps of Hardware Forwards, or 131 Mpps
Switching Capacity 6.40 Gbps in each direction, 80 Gbps in full duplex
Ports 48 GbE ports, 4 10 GbE uplink ports

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