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Dell EMC PowerEdge C6320p Server

Balanced, high-performance computing for the most demanding, highly parallel applications


Balanced, high-performance computing for the most demanding, highly parallel applications, delivered in the modular 1U C6320p server node, powered by the innovative Intel Xeon Phi processor and manage with iDRAC8 with Lifecycle Controller.

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Optimised for HPC

High-performance computing applications for workloads like scientific simulations, seismic processing and financial risk analysis gain performance advantages from highly parallelised code. The PowerEdge C6320p provides a dense and balanced computing platform optimised to deliver better performance for parallel code - using the Intel Xeon Phi processor with up to 72 out-of-order cores and providing a choice of low-latency I/O options - both Intel Omni-Path and InfiniBand.

The C6320p is a 1U modular server node - purpose-built for dense, high-performance computing environments - with 6 DIMMs of DDR4 memory and access to six 2.5-inch drives using dynamic drive assignment. Housing up to four nodes per C6300 chassis, it can deliver a maximum of 288 cores per 2U for tremendous parallel performance. Integrated Omni-Path or InfiniBand fabric options allow you to create an ideal platform for accelerating data-intensive computation, like deep learning, life sciences or weather simulation.

Compatible, scalable and flexible

The Intel Xeon Phi processor lets developers use standard, existing programming tools and methods. Familiar programming models remove training barriers and accelerate development cycles, allowing less time to be spent on software engineering and more time spent productively working on the business or research challenges that are important to you. The modular building block design of the C6320p permits future-ready scale-up infrastructures that grow along with demand. The variety of low-latency I/O fabricss and PCI Express (PCIe) expansion options (x8 PCIe 3.0 mezzanine slot and x16 PCIe 3.0 slot) allow the C6320p to address a both parallel processing applications and extreme scale environments with extensive flexibility and impressive scalability.

Improved operational productivity

The C6320p leeverages the scale and cost efficiences of the integrated Dell Remote Access Controller 8 (iDRAC 8) with Lifecycle Controller, proven by operation in millions of servers worldwide. iDRAC 8 with Lifecycle Controller delivers intelligent management and configuration automation for hyper-converged solutions and appliances, and enables you to select the management functions you need, to streamline operations by reducing the time and number of steps to deploy, monitor, and update PowerEdge C6320p servers throughout their entire life cycle.

Part No. C6320p
Manufacturer Dell EMC
End of Life? No
Height 86.8
Width 448
Depth 790
Weight [Kg] 41.00
CPU Socket(s) 4
Compatible CPU(s) Intel® Xeon® Phi™ processor 72XX product family
Processor sockets: up to 4 x 1 socket nodes in the C6300 chassis; 64, 68 or 72 processor cores
Internal interconnect: Intel QuickPath Interconnect (QPI)
Memory Slot(s) 6 DDR4 RDIMM up to 2400MT/s
Memory Capacity Up to 384GB (64GB DIMMs)
Drive Bays 24 x 2.5" per chassis
HDD Suitability 6 x 2.5" HD options per server node (6Gbps SATA)
Internal 1.8" SSD option for boot (120GB and 240GB)
Secure Digital High Capacity (SDHC) card option for boot (16GB)
Supported OS Red Hat® Enterprise Linux
PCI Slot(s) 1 x 16 PCIe 3.0 half-height, half-length
1 x 4 PCIe 3.0 DCS mezzanine

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