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Dell EMC PowerMax 2000 Storage Array

Blazing fast NVMe performance with an incredibly small footprint


The PowerMax 2000 offers an incredibly small footprint, blazing fast NVMe performance, and rich data services, all at an attractive entry point into the PowerMax family. The PowerMax 2000 delivers the performance your applications demand while consolidating block, file, open systems and IBM i workloads.

PowerMax bricks allow you to scale the PowerMax 2000 from the base capacity of 13TB up to 1PBe in 13TB increments enabling you to scale as your business needs grow.

PowerMax is offered as an appliance with either the Essentials or Pro software package included. To top it off, PowerMax is part of The Dell EMC Future-Proof Storagfe Loyalty Program which gives you additional peace of mind with guaranteed satisfaction and investment protection for future technology changes.

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Businesses are in the midst of an IT transformation. Every second saved means spending more time running the business and less time managing data. Flash changed the storage game with sub-millisecond latency, but next generation applications continue to push the performance boundaries that these all-flash arrays can provide. To address the needs of these applications, enterprises need a new generation of enterprise storage that provides unparalleled performance without compromising security, protection, scalability, availability, or efficiency.

Dell EMC PowerMax is the world's fastest storage array. It delivers new levels of performance and efficiency with a future-proof architecture that features end-to-end non-volatile memory express (NVMe) and a built-in machine learning engine. PowerMax is built on the comprehensive functionality and proven resiliency of Dell EMC's flagship storage platform. It provides six-nines of availability, data-at-rest encryption (D@RE), massive scalability, and best-in-class data protection, including Symmetrix Remote Data Facility (SRDF), the gold standard in remote application.

World's Fastest Storatge Array

PowerMax delivers unprecedented levels of performance with up to 10 Million IOPS, 150 GB per second bandwidth, and predictable response times of 290 microseconds for mixed workloads. It is true Tier 0 storage designed for mission-critical applications as well as real-time analytics, which demand uncompromising uptime and extremely low latency.

Future-Proof, End-to-End NVMe

PowerMax offers unprecedented performance with a future-proof, end-to-end NVMe multi-controller architecture. The key to driving new levels of performance is NVMe, a high-performance protocol designed for modern media. NVMe was architected to take advantage of the parallelism of modern multicore CPUs and SSDs to overcome the limitations of storage protocols designed for hard disk drives (SCSI-based protocols like SAS).

NVMe maximises the power of a multi-controller all flash array and, more importantly, opens the door to the next media disruption with support for storage class memory (SCM)*. SCM will offer an order of magnitude better performance - bridging the performance gap between flash drives and volatile memory (DRAM). PowerMax supports NVMe-based flash and is SCM ready and will offer host connectivity via NVMe over Fabric (NVMeoF)*.

Smart Software

PowerMaxOS is the only storage operating system optimised for next-generation media - bringing autonomous storage to life with a built-in machine learning engine.

The machine learning engine is designed to automatically place data on the correct media type (flash or SCM) based on the IO profile by analysing and forecasting an average of 40 million data sets per array that drive over 6 billion decisions per day. The engine uses predictive analytics and pattern recognition to maximise performance with no management overhead. Dell EMC is the only company that can deliver this level of intelligence currently analysing over 425 billion data sets in real-time across the installed base with zero management overhead.

PowerMax arrays are built for simplicity and include appliance-based packaging with either the Essentials or Pro software package - adding enhanced security, remote replication, eNAS, optimisation, and management features.

Manufacturer Dell EMC
Part No. PowerMax2000
End of Life? No
Width 610
Height 1900
Depth 1190
Weight [Kg] 758.00
Rack Units 4U
CPU Socket(s) 4 per engine/8 per system
Compatible CPU(s) Intel Xeon E5 2650v4
Max CPU Clk Spd 42.5 GHz
Max # Core(s) 12 cores
Drive Bays Max Drives per Brick: 44 Usable + spare(s)
Max Drives per Array: 96
Max Drives per System Bay: 96/192
Min Drive Count per Brick: 4 + 1 spare
Capacity Max Capacity per Array: 1 PBe
Base Capacity per Brick: 13.2 TBu
RAID Options RAID 5(7+1) (default)
RAID 5(3+1)
RAID 6(6+2)

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