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Fujitsu ETERNUS CS800 S3 Data Protection (DeDuplication) Appliance

Data Protection Appliance with deduplication

Fujitsu ETERNUS CS800 S3 is a data protection appliance optimized for back-up to disks. It radically reduces costs, through savings in required storage capacity of up to 95%, using leading de-duplication technology. It also protects data against disaster through replication.
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As an integrated and optimized appliance ETERNUS CS800 S3 is far more easy to use, more efficient to operate and displays better results in de-duplication - compared with pure software solutions in combination with standard disk systems.

  • Maximum disk performance for better data protection.
  • Highest scalability from entry up to 160 TB.
  • Data de-duplication technology reduces disk requirements.
  • Remote encrypted replication with reduced network bandwidth.
  • Reduced media handling and easy administration.
  • Supports Symantec OpenStorage (OST) and Path-to-Tape.
  • Turnkey solution for easy and economical deployment.
  • Standard NAS or VTL interface for easy implementation and operation.
Capacity Up to 160 TB
Host Ethernet 2x 1GbE, 5x 1GbE or 7x 1GbE
Tape Drive Emulations DLT7000, SDLT320, SDLT600, SLT-S4, LTO1/2/3/4/5
Included Software Deduplication, Replication, Path-to-tape
Performance Up to 6.3 TB/h
Libraries Emulations ADIC Scalar 24, Scalar 100, i500, i2000, i6000
Fibre Channel Interface 4x 8GbFC
Manufacturer Fujitsu
Part No. ETCS-DDAE-P20
End of Life? No
Width 484
Height 90 (Controller)
Depth 770
Rack Units 2 U (Controller)
Weight [Kg] 30.00