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Fujitsu ETERNUS DX600 S3 Disk Storage System

Leading storage performance, automated quality of service

[DX600 S3]

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The scalable, unified Fujitsu Storage ETERNUS DX600 S3 system delivers leading storage performance and automated quality of service management enabling a maximum of system utilization and contributing to a fast ROI.
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It is the perfect solution when consolidating data in large-scale databases, business-critical applications and business analytics / big data – all into one system.

It provides ample headroom for demanding server / desktop virtualization environments and enterprise file services. Extensive high-availability and disaster recovery capabilities make ETERNUS DX600 S3 an ideal storage system for business-critical data.

Market-leading performance combined with automated performance management

  • Leading performance enables large-scale storage consolidation delivering a fast ROI
  • Automatically aligns storage with business priorities
  • Delivers reliable and predictable quality of service for business-critical data
  • Enables the operation of productive and analytical tasks in parallel on one one storage system
  • High scalability within the system and upgrade options to higher system-class and bigger systems support high data increases at low costs of growth and ensure investment protection

Rock-solid operation

  • Comprehensive high-availability, quality of service and disaster resilience functions ensure predictable and reliable operation
  • System availability of 99.999%
  • Flexible disaster recovery, including transparent failover, with a multitude of snapshot concepts and remote replication between different models and generations
  • Extensive non-disruptive maintenance and upgrade capabilities reduce planned downtimes

Truly unified architecture

  • Unified SAN and NAS access drive system utilization improving ROI
  • Unified management functions across the entire product line result in operational efficiency
  • Unified connectivity supports a large range anad many combinations of networking types
  • Unified architecture allows flexible combinations of 2.5" and 3.5" disk types

Selective use of deduplication / compression

  • Decide on volume label whether to use it or not
  • Capacity savings in hybrid and disk configurations
Manufacturer Fujitsu
Part No. DX600 S3
End of Life? No
Drive Bays Max. 1056
Capacity 4224 TB
HDD Suitability 2.5-inch, SAS, 15,000 rpm (300 GB);
2.5-inch, SAS, 10,000 rpm (1,200 GB / 900 GB / 600 GB / 300 GB);
2.5-inch, SAS (self-encrypting), 10,000 rpm (1,200 GB / 900 GB);
2.5-inch, Nearline SAS, 7,200 rpm (1 TB);
2.5-inch, SSD (800 GB / 400 GB);
3.5-inch, Nearline SAS, 7,200 rpm (4 TB / 3 TB / 2 TB);
3.5-inch, SSD (800 GB / 400 GB)
Max. No. of Drive Enclosure(s) 44
Max. LUN Capacity 128 TB
Max. No. of LUNs 16384
No. of Snapshots 8192 Max.
Cache 5600 GB
Cache Backup 128 GB (block) / 128 GB + 64 GB (block + file)
Host Interface / Link Speeds Fibre Channel (16 Gbit/s, 8 Gbit/s, 4 Gbit/s);
FCoE (10 Gbit/s)iSCSI (10 Gbit/s, 1 Gbit/s);
Ethernet (10 Gbit/s, 1 Gbit/s)
No. of Host Interfaces 4-16 ports [iSCSI, FCoE, Ethernet(10Gbit/s], 4-32 ports [FC], 8-32 ports [Ethernet(1Gbit/s)]
LAN Socket(s) Ethernet (1000 Base-T / 100 Base-TX / 10 Base-T) Management
Remote Management Web-based graphical user interface, CLI (Command Line Interface), ETERNUS SF
RAID Controller 0, 1, 1+0, 5, 5+0, 6
Standard 3 years onsite warranty
Fujitsu ETERNUS DX600 S3 Disk Storage System