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Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX400 S1 Blade Server Chassis

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The Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX400 is a fully-featured blade system built from the ground up to be userfriendly and versatile, helping you meet large-scale computing and storage requirements. It provides an optimum combination of up to eight server or storage blades in a small enclosure, supported by a comprehensive set of solutions and services.

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It combines leading-edge technology, such as a fully integrated virtual storage appliance, with the impressive input/output flexibility and bandwidth. Its modular design makes the PRIMERGY BX400 more affordable than other blade servers, while also maximizing the use of limited office space with a compact footprint. Two different system versions of the PRIMERGY BX400 are available to suit different requirements.

The rack version can be integrated easily into an industry standard 19-inch racks. Alternatively, the floor-stand version with low noise levels of only 45 decibels can be installed under a desk or in a reception area without distracting employees. In fact, it is one of the quietest blade servers available. Easy to install, configure and manage, the PRIMERGY BX400 allows companies to spend less time on set-up and management, and focus on the core business processes essential for profitability.

The box for your solution

  • The Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX400 provides an optimum combination of up to eight server or storage blades in a small enclosure that is available as 6U rack- and floorstand-version.
  • It combines leading-edge technology, such as a fully integrated virtual storage appliance, in order to convert it into a small data center in a box.

Grow The Business

  • Complementary technology to x86 server virtualization with additional benefits such as improved manageability, availability, and operational efficiency from shared cable infrastructures or virtual input/output (I/O).
  • The PRIMERGY BX400 can be equipped with the latest blade technology and offers high levels of I/O flexibility and a bandwidth.
  • Thanks to its highly efficient components, advanced cooling technology, and potent power management tools, the BX400 also reduces cooling and air conditioning costs.

Simplify The Business

  • With ServerView you manage your servers and enclosures locally and remotely and take complete control regardless of the state of the server operating system.
  • Additional software components help to reduce the complexity in mixed physical and virtual environments and its internal and external connections.

Creates Value For The Business

  • Modular upgrade options for server- or storage blades provide the flexibility to integrate new technologies into existing environments.
  • Additional server blades or components can be easily added or replaced without the re-cabling that usually requires multiple manhours or complicated processes.
  • Fujitsu’s PRIMERGY BX400 offering is enhanced by a comprehensive set of packaged services that support your IT team throughout the implementation process.
Chassis Type 6 U chassis for 19-inch rack, or floorstand version
Front Bays 8 half height bays for server or storage blades
Rear Bays 4 x for Connection Blades
4 x for PSU/fan modules
Midplane High speed midplane with 3 fabrics
Management Blades 1x hot-plug management blade as standard, redundant management blades as option
Fan Configuration Up to 3 hot plug, redundant rear fan units (2 fans per unit)
Power Supply Configuration Up to 4x hot-plug power supply modules (1x as standard)
Compatible Front Blades PRIMERGY BX920 S2 Dual Socket Server Blade (Intel)
PRIMERGY BX922 S2 Dual Socket Server Blade (Intel)
PRIMERGY BX924 S2 Dual Socket Server Blade (Intel)
PRIMERGY SX910 S1 Storage Blade Tape
PRIMERGY SX940 S1 Storage Blade Disk
PRIMERGY SX960 S1 Storage Blade Disk
PRIMERGY SX980 S1 Storage Blade Disk
Compatible Rear Blades Eth Switch/IBP 1Gb
Eth Switch/IBP 1Gb
Eth Switch/IBP 10Gb
FC Switch 8Gb Brocade 26 Port
FC Switch 8Gb Brocade 14 Port
FC Switch 8Gb Brocade 26 Port
IB Switch 40Gb 18/18
FC Pass Thru 8Gb 18/18
Bandwidth 1 GbE
LAN Socket(s) 2 x 1Gb Ethernet
Dedicated Service LAN port for MMB (1Gb Ethernet)
Serial Ports 1 x RS-232-C
USB Port(s) 2 x (at rear side of the system)
Manufacturer Fujitsu
Part No. B4001SC020IN
Depth 785
Width 445
Height 267
Rack Units 6 U
Weight [Kg] 98.00
Standard 3 years, On-site Service (depending on country)
Optional 7x24, Onsite Response Time: 4h - For locations outside of EMEA please contact us.

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Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX Blade Servers meet all the requirements of medium-sized companies as well as the branches and data centers of large companies, especially with their comprehensive offer of services and solutions. They offer a clever alternative in providing an IT infrastructure with high levels of efficiency, flexibility and business continuity.

The PRIMERGY BX system family is designed so that the chassis components can be used throughout the family. This means that changing business requirements can be met quickly and easily. Servers, storage and connection blades can be added without any additional cabling effort or administration software. Its modular design gives the PRIMERGY BX Blade Servers considerable advantages, such as high density as well as reliable and dynamic 24x7 operations.

The PRIMERGY BX Blade Servers are the ideal choice for today’s and tomorrow’s data center solutions where reliability, performance and connectivity are important requirements. They can be used for a wide range of applications, starting with web or terminal servers up to high-performance databases. And as business requirements grow, the PRIMERGY BX Blade Servers can be adapted to meet individual requirements and fulfill such needs in a suitable manner.