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Fujitsu PRIMERGY CX1000 S1 Cloud Server Data Centre Rack

The Cool-Centralâ„¢ architecture for Scale-Out Cloud Data Centers: Scale Big - Spend Small


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PRIMERGY CX1000 is an innovative Scale- Out Cloud server infrastructure platform that simultaneously solves the 4 biggest challenges for large enterprises and their cloud, hosting or HPC datacenter strategies: It enables you to SCALE BIG by packaging 38 industry standard x86 server nodes that come without fans into a dedicated data center rack unit with a shared cooling architecture and a low footprint: the CX1000 S1 System.

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PRIMERGY CX1000 provides massive scale-out computing power and optimizes the data center density, power consumption and heat dissipation problems in a one-step approach. Its innovative shared cooling architecture enables to build new economics into scale-out data centers by significant reduction of energy consumption coupled with dramatic savings in data center space thus removing the strong inhibitors for cloud data center setup.

Scale-out performance

  • CX1000 enables easy scale-out computing from 100s to thousands of server nodes, packaging 38 industry standard x86 server nodes into a dedicated data center rack with shared cooling technology, low physical footprint and full integration at the Fujitsu factory. Your selection of aggregated node performance enables for replicable deployment and provides easy serviceability with all front access.
  • Easy scale out with replicable building blocks.
  • Fully factory assembled CX1000 shortens the time to operation.
  • Choice of aggregated performance levels by selection of server node types.
  • Cool-Central Architecture cools IT better, thus more performance per square meter can be achieved.

Power / Heat Economics

  • The Cool-Central Architecture of CX1000 delivers new power heat economics to scale-out data centers. Cool-Central works with the laws of air thermo dynamics and does not require to enter into the associated risks of liquid cooling techniques. Using only two central exhaust fans instead of hundreds of local server fans reduces aggregated power consumption and associated heat dissipation costs substantially.
  • CX1000 and its Cool-Central Architecture cools IT for less energy costs.
  • These savings come in addition to the low-energy consumption Intel Xeon processor technologies.
  • No need to invest into liquid cooling technologies.

Data Center Space Reduction

  • CX1000 and its Cool-Central Architecture eliminate the physical footprint space required for the Hot Air aisle. By architectural design, the hot air is exhausted to the top of the rack, controlled by a sub pressure plenum inside the CX1000 Rack enclosure. This allows to stage multiple CX1000 Rack units in a Back-to-Back setupsaving precious datacenter space.
  • More @ less space: Up to 40 % less datacenter space as compared to traditional Rack server scale-out setup.
  • More @ less cost: Reduction of facilities cost by using more server nodes at less data center space.
  • Less costs for acquisition and ownership

    • Cooling & heat dissipation are made functions of the chassis with the CX1000 System by using shared components.
    • In addition the x86 server units come with less and non redundant components and thus cut costs out with each unit. Simplicity in operation is accomplished with all front access- no need to access the rear of rack. The rip-and-replace server trays are customer replaceable units, supporting lower maintenance cost strategies.
    • Less expensive than scale-out standard rack configurations.
    • Affordable and attractive costs by streamlined, non redundant server functions.
    • Scalable system management functions and ease in servicing cut operating costs.

    PRIMERGY CX1000 is a new product category within the PRIMERGY x86 server family. Its focus is on providing large scale-out data centers with massive scaling x86 server power while at the same time delivering new data center economics for density, power, heat and acquisition costs.

    PRIMERGY CX1000 delivers a cloud- enabled server infrastructure platform for internet scale-out data centers (ISP), application service providers (ASP), Managed Domains, “as- a-service” providers , hosting industries and Cloud Computing markets. For High Performance Computing, the use of hundreds of parallel processing x86 server units, running parallel application programs in a combined cluster has already become a de facto design standard. The common factor is the demand to Scale Big, using massive scaleout server computing resources on x86 industry standards to compete in and benefit from the rapid growth of those markets.

    Yet, traditional data center facilities do not easily keep pace with those massive compute capacity demands, since they have to master additional challenges: Substantial decrease in power envelopes and cooling requirements for those servers and related infrastructure; Overcome the limitation in data center floor space and the requirement for more computing power per square meter; The need for more efficient manageability and less complexity in the operation of massive scaleout compute resources; and limited budgets enforcing lowered initial purchase costs and less operational spending.

    The new PRIMERGY CX1000 system platform is designed to overcome those four major challenges, breaking down the barriers to scale big and spend small.

    Chassis Type Cloud Server Rack Infrastructure
    Front Bays 38 cloud server trays
    includes 3x 2U vertical bays for max 5x LAN switches to be integrated; 2x 2U, 1x 1U
    Management Blades PRIMERGY CX1000 is an innovative x86 Scale-Out Cloud server infrastructure platform for large Enterprises and their Cloud, Hosting or HPC datacenter strategies. It enables to scale-out big and spent small, proving new economics for datacenter Space, Power, Cooling and Density.
    Fan Configuration Cooling Unit with two centralized redundant fans produces low pressure plenum in a chimney area at rear side.
    Power Supply Configuration Each server tray has its own PS
    Single Phase: EMEA 6x 200 V - 240 V; NEMA 6x 200 V - 240 V
    Triple Phase: EMEA 2x 200 V - 240 V (star), NEMA 2x 200 V - 240 V (delta)U with 350W max.
    LAN Socket(s) 1 One Service LAN port
    Serial Ports 1 x1 DSUB9 male connector for COM1 / UART0
    Manufacturer Fujitsu
    Part No. S26361-K1347-V101
    Depth 850
    Width 700
    Height 2083
    Rack Units 43 U
    Weight [Kg] 470.00
    Specification RMU (Rack Management Unit) included in delivery
    Standard 1 year, On-site Service - depending on country.
    Optional 7x24, Onsite Response Time: 4h