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Fujitsu PRIMERGY SX960 S1 JBOD Storage Blade Disk

Simple and low-priced direct-attached and shared-storage solution for PRIMERGY BX Blade Servers


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The Fujitsu PRIMERGY SX960 Storage Blade offers direct-attached storage for the PRIMERGY BX Blade Server with support of up to 10 hot-plug SAS or SATA hard disks. The storage blade can be inserted, like a server blade, in the front of the blade server housing. It can be hot-plugged and used with various types of server blades. The BX Blade Servers’ midplanes offer PCI Express connections to the adjacent server blades, enabling top-quality memory access without using additional cables. The PRIMERGY SX960 Storage Blade has an onboard LSI MegaRAID controller with 512 MB Write Back Cache and optional Battery Backup Unit, for top performance and data security.

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Within PRIMERGY BX system units you can use NetApp Data ONTAP-v™ software to convert the PRIMERGY SX960 Storage Blade into a SAN within the PRIMERGY BX housing. The so-called PRIMERGY VSX960 is a flexible solution which provides a shared-storage device for all other server blades in the blade enclosure. This virtual storage solution consists of a storage control blade with an installed Hypervisor plus the Data ONTAP-v™ software from NetApp and a PRIMERGY SX960 Storage Blade which provides the shared storage capacity. The PRIMERGY VSX960 is completely integrated in the ServerView Appliance and supports up to 10 SAS hard disk drives in a RAID array. The ServerView Installation Manager ensures a simple installation option directly on the customer premises. The VSX960 storage solution supports iSCSI, CIFS and NFS protocols and supports Data ONTAP-v™ functions, such as Snapshot, FlexVol, SnapRestore, SnapVault and FilerView.
Manufacturer Fujitsu
Part No. S26361-K1382-V200
Width 90
Height 204
Depth 508
Weight [Kg] 8.00
Drive Bays 10 x 2.5-inch hot-plug SATA SSD or SAS/SATA HDD
Capacity 640 GB
HDD Suitability HDD SAS, 300 GB, 2.5";
HDD SAS, 146 GB, 2.5";
HDD SAS, 73 GB, 2.5";
HDD SATA, 160 GB, 2.5";
HDD SATA, 320 GB, 2.5";
HDD SATA, 320 GB, 2.5";
SSD SATA, 32 GB, 2.5";
SSD SATA, 64 GB, 2.5";
HDD SATA, 1 TB, 2.5";
HDD SATA, 250 GB, 2.5";
HDD SATA, 500 GB, 2.5";
HDD SAS, 300 GB, 2.5";
HDD SAS, 450 GB, 2.5";
HDD SAS, 600 GB, 2.5";
HDD SAS, 900 GB, 2.5";
HDD SAS, 146 GB, 2.5";
HDD SAS, 73 GB, 2.5"
RAID Controller LSI SAS2108 Based
RAID Options Integrated RAID 5/6 Ctrl., HDD SAS 6 Gb, Fujitsu , 8 ports int. RAID level: 0, 1, 10, 5, 50, 6, 60, 512 MB Cache, Optional BBU (based on LSI SAS2108)

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