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Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX900 S2 Blade Server Chassis

Elasticity for dynamic adaption to changing requirements


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The Fujitsu Server PRIMERGY BX900 S2 is the accelerated dynamic server infrastructure in a single cube. This blade server can be dynamically adapted to various IT requirements and provides significant economic advantages for a large and growing number of applications.

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Chassis Type 10 U chassis for 19-inch rack
Blade Bays 18 half height or 9 full height bays for server or storage blades
Rear Bays 8 x for Connection Blades (2 Connection Blades per fabric)
6 x for PSU modules
Midplane High speed midplane with 4 redundant fabrics
Management Blades 1x hot-plug Management Blade as standard, redundant Management Blade as option
Fan Configuration Up to 3 additional hot plug, redundant fan modules
Power Supply Configuration Up to 6x hot-plug power supply module, 3x as minimum (4th to 6th power supply module neccessary for redundancy, and depending on system configuration)
Compatible Front Blades PRIMERGY BX2560 M1; PRIMERGY BX2580 M1; PRIMERGY BX920 S4; PRIMERGY SX960 S1; PRIMERGY SX980 S2
Compatible Rear Blades Eth FEX 10Gb 16/8;
Eth Pass Thru 10Gb 18/18;
Eth Switch/IBP/EHM 10/40Gb 18/8 + 2;
Eth Switch/IBP/EHM 1Gb 18/6;
Eth Switch/IBP/EHM 1Gb 36/12;
Eth Switch/IBP/EHM 1Gb 36/8+2;
FC Pass Thru 8Gb 18/18;
FC Switch 16Gb Brocade 14 Port;
FC Switch 16Gb Brocade 26 Port;
FC Switch 16Gb Brocade 26 Port Enterprise;
FC Switch 8Gb Brocade 14 Port;
FC Switch 8Gb Brocade 26 Port;
FC Switch 8Gb Brocade 26 Port Enterprise;
IB Switch 56Gb 18/18;
SAS Switch 6Gb 18/6
LAN Socket(s) 2 x 1Gbit/s Ethernet;
Dedicated Service LAN port for MMB (1Gb Ethernet)
Serial Ports 1 x RS-232-C
USB Port(s) 2 x (at rear side of the system)
Manufacturer Fujitsu
Part No. bx900s2
Depth 778
Width 482.6
Height 438
Rack Units 10 RU
FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY BX900 S2 Blade System