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IBM Power 795 Enterprise Server

Extraordinary scale, capacity and bandwidth for themost demanding enterprise applications


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The IBMPower®795 server is designed for enterprises to support large-scale transaction processing and database applications within a highly virtualized system infrastructure, enabling new levels of work-load consolidation, resource utilization and efficiency. As the most powerful member of the IBM Power Systems™ family, this server provides exceptional performance, massive scalability and bandwidth to efficiently and concurrently support a full range of complex, mission-critical applications.
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Equipped with up to 256 POWER7® processors the Power 795 server can scale rapidly and seamlessly to address the changing needs of today’s business climate. Equipped with industry-leading PowerVM™ virtualization, EnergyScale™ technology and affordable Capacity on Demand (CoD) options, the Power 795 helps enterprises increase their productivity and effectively consolidate multiple UNIX, IBM i and Linux® workloads onto a single system.

Exceptional POWER7 performance

  • Improve response time, transaction processing efficiency ano user productivity
  • Infrastructure cost savings from a reduction in the number of servers and software costs

Extraordinary scalability and capacity

  • Deliver data faster for the needs of large-scale transaction processing and memory-intensive applications
  • Realize nev levels of efficiency in operations from consolidating multiple workloads on feNer systems and enable new applications without adding new servers
  • High-density 24-inch system frame enables the most efficient, large scale consolidation and maximum growth
  • Offer flexibility and built-in redundancy so the system can grow with your business

Mission-critical reliability

  • Designed to provide the highest levels of Power architecture reliability, availability and serviceability for 24x7 access to enterpnse applications
  • Increases IT productMty by avoiding costly downtime and recovery
  • Can enable monitoring, detection and resolution of issues without disruption

Enterprise-class PowerVM virtualization

  • Improves system efficiency to lower operational expense
  • Provides flexibility to rapidly respond to changing business requirements, including reallocation of system resources without rebooting affected partitions
  • Provides the ability to transparently share processing power and memory between partitions and to handle unexpected workload peaks by sharing resources
  • Enables energy savings and maintains application availability

Flexibility with Capacity on Demand

  • Enables seamless growth by allowing standby processors and memory to be permanently added to meet long term wort
  • Provides temporary access to additional processors and memory to respond rapidly to changing business requirements

EnergyScale innovation

  • Helps lower data center energy costs without sacrificing performance or business flexibility
  • Enables management to understand power and cooling usage and better predict peak requirements

Broad business application support

  • Provides the flexibility to select the right operating system and the right applications to meet needs
  • Enables enterprises to consolidate applications onto a more scalable, cost-effective system
Part No. power795
Manufacturer IBM
Rack Units 42 U
Height 2014
Width 775
Depth 1486
Weight [Kg] 1157.20
CPU Socket(s) Up to 32 (In 8 processor books)
Compatible CPU(s) POWER7 3.72 GHz processors;
POWER7 4.00 GHz processors;
POWER7 4.25 GHz processors (TurboCore)
Max CPU Clk Spd Up to 4.25 GHz
CPU Cache Level 2 (L2) cache 256 KB L2 cache per core
Level 3 (L3) cache 4 MB L3 cache per core (eDRAM) or 8 MB L3 cache per core (eDRAM)
Max # Thread(s) Up to 1,024
Max # Core(s) Up to 256 processor cores.
Memory Slot(s) 32 DIMMs per processor book
Memory Capacity Up to 8 TB of 1066 MHz DDR3
Drive Bays 26 SAS Small Form Factor bays in each 24” POle I/O drawer
Up to 832 maximum per system in 24’ drawers
Up to 2,220 bays in 19’ drawers
Supported OS AIX, IBM i, and Linux for Power
PCI Slot(s) 20 PCIe in each 24" I/O drawer; 640 maximum per system
Serial Ports 4 GX++ adapter ports per processor book, 32 per system
Standard 24x7, same day response for one year; on-site (varies by country).
Optional Warranty service upgrades and maintenance are available.