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IBM System Storage EXP3500 Expansion Enclosures

EXP3512 & 3524 Disk Enclosures - Low-cost, high-performance 6 Gbps SAS expansion units.


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The EXP3500 drive enclosures are 2U cabinet-mountable 6 Gbps enclosures designed to support a total of twelve 3.5-inch SAS drives (EXP3512) or twenty-four 2.5-inch SAS drives (EXP3524)—achieving up to a maximum raw capacity of 36 TB in a single enclosure. IBM’s legacy in best-of-breed development, in conjunction with next-generation 6 Gbps SAS drive technology, enables the EXP3500 expansion enclosures to deliver rack optimization, power savings, reliability and performance.
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The IBM® System Storage® EXP3500 Express consists of two models—EXP3512 and EXP3524 expansion units, designed to affordably meet the demanding data requirements of today and tomorrow by building on over 30 years of design expertise. IBM’s legacy in enterprise storage systems, with next-generation 6 Gbps SAS drive technology, enables the System Storage EXP3500 expansion units to deliver best-of-breed technology, reliability and performance. The EXP3500 expansion units are 2U cabinet-mountable 6 Gbps drive enclosures that are designed to support either a total of twelve 3.5-inch SAS drives (EXP3512) or twenty-four 2.5-inch SAS drives (EXP3524) for optimal flexibility and efficiency. The EXP3500 expansion units can be a key component of a high-performance storage solution. With each external SAS port on the environmental service module (ESM) supporting a 6 Gbps x4-wide connection, the EXP3500 can achieve excellent throughput to the host.


  • Provides a highly available storage system by supporting attachment to the IBM DS3500 Express storage system.
  • Next-generation SAS expansion enclosure supports high bandwidth and random I/O applications with 6 Gbps x4-wide SAS ports.
  • Can support up to 36 TB of SAS disk storage in a single enclosure and up to 576 TB when fully expanded up to 192 drives.
  • High-performance SAS, capacity-optimized SAS hard disk drives, self-encrypting drives (SEDs) and Solid State Drives (SSDs) intermix support.
  • Redundant components help support continuous access to data for data availability 24×7.
  • IBM System Storage EXP3512 and System Storage EXP3524 expansion units can be intermixed behind a single System Storage DS3500 for optimal data utilization and efficiency.
  • EXP3512 can offer the highest flexibility with support for a full range of requirements—high capacity and low cost to high-performance critical applications.
  • EXP3524 is ideal for IOPs-intensive applications and energy efficiency requirements with the highest IOPs/watt and 134 percent improvement in IOPs/U (compared to EXP3000 expansion unit).
  • Power supplies designed to meet multiple power efficiency standards.
  • Uses Storage Bridge Bay (SBB) standard architecture designed for robust system environments.
  • Supports low power and high performing Solid State Disk (SSDs) drives.
Manufacturer IBM
Part No. EXP3512
Weight [Kg] 25.00
Rack Units 2 U
Specification Hot-swappable components, redundant power supplies and ESMs.
1746A2E – EXP3512 Express - Storage Expansion Unit;
1746A4E – EXP3524 Express - Storage Expansion Unit
Drive Bays EXP3512 – twelve 3.5-inch drives, EXP3524 twenty-four 2.5-inch drives.
Scalability up to 192 drives (optional mix of expansion enclosures)
Capacity Up to 192 TB
HDD Suitability 6 Gbps SAS 3.5-inch drives:
  • 300 GB, 450 GB, 600 GB 15k rpm
  • 1 TB, 2 TB, 3 TB 7.2k rpm Nearline
  • 600 GB 15k rpm SED
6 Gbps SAS 2.5-inch drives:
  • 146 GB 15k rpm
  • 300 GB 10k rpm
  • 600 GB 10k rpm
  • 900GB 10k rpm
  • 500 GB 7.2k rpm Nearline
  • 1 TB 7.2k rpm Nearline
  • 300 GB 10k rpm SED
Solid State SAS 2.5 in. drives*:
  • 200 GB and 400 GB SSD
Max. No. of Drive Enclosure(s) Up to 8
Storage Capacity Up to 192 TB (in 8 enclosures)
Standard Three -year Limited Warranty, CRU and On-site service, next business day 9 ×5, service upgrades available.
EXP3512; EXP3524