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IBM System Storage EXP5060 Expansion Unit

Ultra-dense capacity for DS5000 disk systems

The 60-drive EXP5060 expansion unit provides up to three times greater storage density than traditional drive enclosures, which means a 1.44 PB DS5000 series system can now reside in a standard 19-inch rack. The highly efficient power supplies and cooling fans enable the EXP5060 to reduce power consumption and increased density reduces floor space requirement by up to 50 percent when compared to previous generation enclosures.
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As the amount of data your organization generates and stores continues to grow exponentially, it becomes an increasing challenge to fit needed storage drives into limited floor space—not to mention power and cool all the systems. The IBM® System Storage® EXP5060 expansion unit offers tremendous storage density and significant operational savings for data-intensive applications and other environments that store vast amounts of data.


  • Designed to expand the capacity of the DS5000 series storage systems and supports up to 60 SATA drives in just 4U of rack space—reducing the physical footprint by up to 50 percent
  • Reduces power consumption with an intelligent design and high-efficiency power supplies
  • Offers uninterrupted data availability, with online serviceability of individual drives
  • Eliminates excessive front weight on the rack, with individual extension of 12-drive drawers
  • Ability to intermix EXP5060 and EXP5000 expansion units ensures data is stored on the technology that best meets performance, protection and cost requirements
Manufacturer IBM
Part No. 1818G1A
Weight [Kg] 50.00
Rack Units 4 U
Drive Bays 60 SATA drives
Capacity 3 TB
HDD Suitability SATA: 1 TB, 2 TB, 3 TB
Storage Capacity 180 TB per 4 U Enclosure
Storage Controller DS5300/DS5100
Standard 1 year limited warranty: CRU service, next business day delivery.

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