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IBM System Storage TS2350 Tape Drive Express

Fifth-generation, high capacity, full height Tape Drive

Our world has become more instrumented, interconnected and intelligent. In this new environment, where storage requirements are doubling every one to two years, smarter midsize companies strive to store, archive and retrieve information efficiently, while driving down IT costs. You need to protect and secure the information, meet compliance requirements and make your information available when you need it. The TS2350 Tape Drive is suited for handling backup, save and restore, and archival data storage needs with higher capacity and higher data transfer rate than previous generation. In addition, the IBM Ultrium 5 technology is designed to support media partitioning, and the new IBM Long Term File System technology. It also continues to support encryption of data and WORM media.
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The IBM® System Storage® TS2350 Tape Drive Express—part of the entry-level IBM System Storage tape product family—supports these needs by leveraging the newest generation of Linear Tape-Open® ( LTO) technology to help cost-effectively handle growing storage requirements.


  • Helps reduce costs with lower power consumption, consolidation and space reduction
  • Supports media partitioning on LTO® Ultrium® 5 Media and new IBM Long Term File System technology
  • Nearly doubles the cartridge capacity of previous-generation LTO Ultrium 4 drives
  • Designed to provide greater capacity and performance to address the most demanding backup and archiving requirements
Available Models Model 3580 S53—One IBM Ultrium® 5 Tape Drive, 6 Gbps SAS interface PN 3580S5X
Tape Drive Type IBM LTO® 5
Media Type IBM LTO 5 Data Cartridge;
IBM LTO Cleaning Cartridge
# of Tape Drives 1
# of Cartridge Slots 1
Capacity 1.5 TB Native; 3.0 TB with 2:1 compression
Host Interface / Link Speeds 6 Gbps SAS interface
Drive Transfer Rate Up to 140 MBps native
Features Backwards compatibility with previous generations of LTO Ultrium® cartridges.
Media Partitioning & IBM Long Term File System
Hardware encryption available
Next generation of LTO® technology
Manufacturer IBM
Part No. ts2350
Width 213
Height 110
Depth 336
Weight [Kg] 6.10
Rack Units N/A
Standard Three-year, Customer Replaceable Unit (CRU) in most countries