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IBM System Storage TS2900 Tape Autoloader Express

Low profile, entry-level IBM LTO tape storage supported in open system platforms.


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The IBM System Storage® TS2900 Tape Autoloader Express® is designed for entry-level automated backup for rack system and small-to-medium business environments. With a low profile, high-density storage capacity, the TS2900 is ideally suited for backup and archival operations. The TS2900 is available with IBM HH LTO-5, HH LTO-4 or HH LTO-3 tape technology for a high-capacity, entry-priced tape storage solution.
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  • 1U slim profile designed for rack system environments for automated, high-capacity tape storage
  • Features the newest generation of LTO® with IBM® Ultrium® 5 half-height (HH) technology designed for reliable performance in small-to-medium open system environments
  • Lowest entry price of any IBM tape automation offering IBM HH tape technology

The TS2900 is equipped with standard features designed to provide ease-of-use and secured data backup. Web-based remote management, a bar code reader, and a removable tape magazine help provide ease of use. The TS2900 can be used in a rack system, or on a desktop next to a server in an office. These types of features help reduce the requirements of IT personnel staff, as well as help centralize backup in the data center. The TS2900 is also designed to support the encryption of sensitive user data in combination with HH LTO-5 or LTO-4 tape technology from IBM. With 6 Gbps SAS attach, the TS2900 is supported on IBM Power Systems™, IBM System x®, Intel®, and other competitive open system server platforms.

Manufacturer IBM
Part No. ts2900
Width 483
Height 44
Depth 850
Weight [Kg] 13.00
Rack Units 1 U
# of Cartridge Slots 9
# of Tape Drives 1
Storage Capacity LTO 5: Up to 13.5 TB (27 TB with 2:1 compression);
LTO 4: Up to 7.2 TB (14.4 TB with 2:1 compression);
LTO 3: Up to 3.6 TB (7.2 TB with 2:1 compression)
Throughput Per Hour LTO 5: Up to 140 MBps;
LTO 4: Up to 120 MBps;
LTO 3: Up to 80 MBps
HDD Suitability Ultrium 5 half height: 6 Gbps SAS;
Ultrium 4 half height: 6 Gbps SAS;
Ultrium 3 half height: 3 Gbps SAS