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Oracle SPARC Enterprise M3000 Server



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The SPARC Enterprise M3000 server running the industry-leading Oracle Solaris Operating System is an affordable, single-processor server that inherits the mission-critical features of the M-Series Enterprise family--delivering extreme RAS and performance in a 2RU footprint. With the ability to scale from one to 64 processors within the same family, you can start small and grow big!
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The SPARC Enterprise M3000 server running the industry-leading Oracle Solaris OS was architected to help our customers contain existing application fees, deploy new business services, and consolidate existing distributed systems more cost effectively and reliably than ever before.

Because it is part of the SPARC Enterprise M-Series family, the M3000 allows our customers to scale from 1 CPU to 64 CPUs all within the same family and without having to learn a new management system. That means our customers can take advantage of Enterprise class RAS features in a 2 RU box and can incrementally grow and configure their business processes exactly as they need them. No wasted resources, just improved utilization that will meet their IT needs well into the future.

The compact and flexible SPARC Enterprise M3000 server delivers greatly improved business efficiency. Customers can maintain the current performance levels of two Sun Fire V445 servers by consolidating onto one M3000 server and reduce space and power consumption by 75 percent. In addition to its eco-efficiencies and mainframe-class reliability features, the SPARC Enterprise M3000 server is an easy-to-manage consolidation/virtualization platform. When combined with Oracle and partner service offerings, customers can accelerate their time to market, and capture new revenue streams while dramatically improving throughput, energy efficiency and service level predictability, at reduced costs.

Part No. 035939
Manufacturer Sun Oracle
End of Life? Yes
Succeeded By SPARC T4-1 Server
Rack Units 2 U
Height 87 mm
Width 440 mm
Depth 657 mm
Weight [Kg] 22.00
CPU Socket(s) 1
Compatible CPU(s) SPARC64 VII+ (Dual Core) or;
SPARC V9 Architecture (Quad Core)
Max CPU Clk Spd 2.86 GHz (SPARC64 VII+)
CPU Cache L1: 64 KB;
L2: 5.5 MB
Max # Thread(s) 8
Max # Core(s) 4 (SPARC V9)
Memory Slot(s) 8
Memory Capacity 64 GB
Drive Bays 4x 600 GB 2.5" SAS
Capacity 2.4 TB
Supported OS Solaris 10 09/10 (patch 144563-02 req.);
XCP version 1101 and higher
USB Port(s) 1x USB 2.0
PCI Slot(s) 4x PCIe x8 Low Profile
LAN Socket(s) 1x 4 GbE
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