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Mellanox SX6015 Switch

18-Port Non-blocking Unmanaged 56Gb/s InfiniBand

[MSX6015F-1SFS ]
SX6015 switch system provides the highest performing fabric solution in a 1U form factor by delivering up to 2Tb/s of non-blocking bandwidth with 200ns port-to-port latency.
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18-Port Non-blocking Unmanaged 56Gb/s InfiniBand SDN Switch System

SX6015 switch system provides the highest performing fabric solution in a 1U form factor by delivering up to 2Tb/s of non-blocking bandwidth with 200ns port-to-port latency.

Scaling-Out Data Centres with Fourteen Data Rate (FDR) InfiniBand

Faster servers based on PCIe 3.0, combined with high-performance storage and applications that use increasingly complex computations, are causing data bandwidth requirements to spiral upward. As servers are deployed with next generation processors, High-Performance Computing (HPC) environments and Enterprise Data Centres (EDC) will need every last bit of bandwidth delivered with Mellanox's next generation of FDR InfiniBand high-speed smart switches.


FDR InfiniBand technology moves from 8b/10b encoding a more efficient 64/66 encoding while increasing the per lane signaling rate to 14Gb/s. Mellanox end-to-end systems can also take advantage of the efficiency of 64/66 encoding using Mellanox FDR 10 supporting 20% more bandwidth over QDR using the same cables/connectors designed for 40GbE.

Sustained Network Performance

Built with Mellanox's sixth generation SwitchX-2 InfiniBand switch device, the SX6015 provides up to eighteen 56Gb/s full bi-directional bandwidth per port. These stand-alone switches are an ideal choice for top-of-rack leaf connectivity or for building small to extremely large sized clusters.

Why Software Defined Network (SDN)?

Data centre networks have become exceedingly complex. IT managers cannot optimise the networks for their applications leading to high CAPEX/OPEX, low ROI and IT headaches. Mellanox InfiniBand SDN Switches ensure separation between control and data planes. InfiniBand enables centralised management and view of network. Programmability of the network by external applications and enable cost effective, simple and flat interconnect infrastructure.

Smart Switches for Smart Clusters

The SX6015 enables efficient computing with features such as static routing, adaptive routing, and congestion control. These features ensure the maximum effective fabric bandwidth by eliminating hot spots. Whether used for parallel computationor as a converged fabric, the SX6000 family of switches provides the industry's best traffic-carrying capacity, making it easy to build clusters that can scale-out to thousands-of-nodes.

The SX6015 supports reversible airflow making the design fit into data centres with different thermal designs. Optional redundant and hot swappable power supplies and fans provide high availability for both High-Performance and Enterprise Data Centre applications.

Building Efficient Clusters & Grids

The SX6015 is the industry's most cost-effective building block for deploying high performance clusters and data centres. Whether looking at price-to-performance or energy-to-performance, the SX6015 offers superior performance, power and scale reducing capital and operating expenses providing the best return-on-investment.

Manufacturer Mellanox
Part No. MSX6015F-1SFS
End of Life? No
Switching Capacity Up-to 2Tb/s aggregate switching capacity
Ports Up-to 18 FDR (56Gb/s) ports
Management RJ45
RoHS RoHS-6 compliant
Power Consumption 103W (Passive); 142W (Active)