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NetApp E5512 Storage System

Achieve field-proven and reliable performance efficiency for enterprise SAN applications


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The NetApp E5512 data storage system delivers excellent performance efficiency in application-driven environments.
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Your enterprise must have storage that can meet your performance and capacity demands without sacrificing simplicity and efficiency. That is why the E5500 was designed with the SANtricity OS adaptive caching algorithms, which address a large range of application workloads. Those workloads range from database, high IOPS or bandwidth-intensive streaming applications to a mixture of workloads in a high-performance storage consolidation point. With fully redundant I/O paths, advanced data protection features and extensive diagnostic capabilities, you can achieve greater than 99.999% availability, data integrity and security.


Nearing one million systems shipped, E-Series technology is found in enterprise SAN application environments such as retail points of sale, web servers, billing systems, databases and data warehouses, collaboration, media, sporting events, surveillance, research, backup and simulations of all kinds. These range from small systems in which E-Series is the only storage in a mixed workload environment to several of the world’s largest storage systems in database, data warehouse, parallel file systems and everything in between. It’s almost impossible to get through your day without touching E-Series technology. Web services, weather, retail, electronics, design, energy, operations, sports and more all run on E-Series technology.

Dynamic Disk Pools

Dynamic Disk Pools (DDP) greatly simplify traditional RAID management by distributing data parity information and spare capacity across a pool of drives. That enables easier greater capacity expansion and protection.

A key concept of DDP is the dynamic rebalancing of data during changes in the number of drives, whether adding drives or in the case of drive failure. Unlike a traditional RAID volume group’s rigid configuration with a specific number of drives, Dynamic Disk Pools can optimise from a minimum of 11 to the maximum supported by the E5500 system. By dynamically changing the number of physical drives in the pool, DDP improves data protection through dynamically rebalancing across the remaining (or additional) drives more quickly than traditional RAID while maintaining greater performance. This reduces exposure windows from days to minutes. Since drives are not getting any smaller and data needs are increasing, protection against drive failures is more important that ever.

Dynamic Disk Pools eliminate the complexities of RAID management with no idle spares to manage, no reconfiguring of RAID when expanding, and a significantly reduced performance impact following failure of a drive or drives when compared to traditional RAID.

Thin Provisioning: Improve Storage Efficiency by Up to 33%

Thin Provisioning eliminates overprovisioning of storage by automatically allocating storage internally. It provisions only what is actually used, while reporting full allocations to hosts, significantly lowering storage use and future storage purchases.

The result is reduced storage TCO (capex and opex) by reducing initial acquisition capacity and improving utilisation. With Thin Provisioning you get:

  • No more guessing how much storage an application really needs
  • Elimination of initial storage purchases based on inflated estimate usages
  • Elimination of error-prone emergency out-of-space activities
  • Significantly improved storage utilisation rates, up to 33%
  • Easy one-time single-click management at volume creation
  • Auto-grow to take care of usage expansion up to the maximum

Balanced Performance

The E5500 storage system continues the NetApp E-Series longstanding heritage of balanced performance designed to support any workload. High-performance file systems and data-intensive bandwidth applications benefit from the E5500s ability to sustain high read and write throughput. Database-driven transactional applications benefit from its high IOPS and low latency. Regardless of the application workload, the E5500 is designed to support maximum performance efficiency.

SANtricity Remote Mirroring: Proven Data Replication and Disaster Recovery Protection

The E5500 storage system delivers high-speed, continuous data access. With over 20 years of storage development behind it, the E5500 is based on a field-proven architecture designed to provide high reliability and greater than 99.999% availability with appropriate configurations and service plans. As part of the E-Series family, the E5500 is covered by NetApp AutoSupportTM for proactive maintenance.

Keeping data accessible through redundant components, automated path failover and online administration (including online SANtricity OS and drive firmware updates), simplify management and maintain organisational productivity. Its advanced protection features and extensive diagnostic capabilities deliver high levels of data integrity, including Data Assurance (T10-PI) to protect against silent drive errors.

Intuitive Management

NetApp SANtricity Storage Manager software offers extensive configuration flexibility, which allows optimal performance tuning and complete control over data placement. With its dynamic capabilities, SANtricity software supports on-the-fly expansion, reconfigurations and maintenance without interrupting storage system I/O.

Application Integration

NetApp E-Series products have been deployed and used in today’s most popular application environments, such as VMware® and Microsoft® Exchange. It also is used with databases such as Oracle® databases, Microsoft SQL Server®, and others. The system integrates into any environment with its configurable options. It also meets the demands of transactional applications, in which sustaining performance is critical.

The NetApp SANtricity Plug-Ins for Microsoft, Oracle and VMware provide a consolidated view of the NetApp E-Series systems such as the E5500, enabling users to monitor and manage their NetApp E-Series storage from the application. Having such an integrated tool reduces the total cost of ownership by eliminating the need to manually compile critical information from several different tools, thus streamlining the correlation of configuration and performance problems across the entire set of IT components.

Raw Capacity 72 TB 2.3 PB using expansion shelves
Host Interface / Link Speeds 8 port 6 Gb SAS 8 port 12 Gb SAS 8 port 10 Gb iSCSI-optical 8 port 16 Gb FC 4 port 40 Gb (QDR) Infiniband 4 port 56 Gb (FDR) Infiniband
Power Consumption 433W (Typical) 581W (Maximum)
Cooling Requirements 1476 BTU/hr (tYPICAL) 1982 BTU/hr (Maximum)
Supported OS

Microsoft® Windows® Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux®, Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Apple® Mac® OS, Oracle Solaris, HP HP-UX, CentOS Linux, Oracle Enterprise Linux, IBM AIX, VMware® ESX

Manufacturer NetApp
Part No. E5512
Weight [Kg] 28.90
Depth 55.25
Width 48.26
Height 8.64
NetApp E5512 Storage System