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NetApp EF560 Flash Array

Empower your performance-driven applications through enterprise-class storage with sub-millisecond latency


EF-Series all-flash arrays deliver fast, consistent response times to accelerate high-performance databases.
The NetApp EF560 is an all-SSD storage system designed for business critical applications that demand the highest performance, consistent low latency and maximum availability.

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The all-flash design is built in a 2U enclosure and delivers the performance of over a thousand 15,000-RPM drives, while requiring just 5% of the rack space, power and cooling. With up to 95% reduction in space and power consumption, the EF560 flash array helps to significantly improve the overall efficiency of IT operations while continuing to meet performance requirements from business operations.

High Availability and Enterprise Reliability

The EF560 flash array was engineered from the ground up to support applications that are the heart of a corporation’s business. Built with enterprise reliability in mind, the EF560 flash array leverages generations of expertise learned across 750,000 E-Series system installations providing enterprise reliability and fault tolerance in both the architecture and software design.

Designed with no single point of failure, the EF560 flash array has fully redundant I/O paths with automated failover, extensive diagnostic capabilities that alert of any failures and actively help to resolve them, and advanced data protection features such as Snapshot copies and replication. All management tasks are performed while the storage remains online, with complete read/write data access. Storage administrators can make configuration changes and conduct maintenance without disrupting application I/O.

As the IT staff know, one of the most critical aspects of an enterprise solution is the ability to detect and resolve issues. In this area, the EF560 flash array provides significant depth of capabilities:

  • Extensive capturing and monitoring of diagnostic data provides comprehensive fault isolation and simplifies the analysis of unanticipated events.
  • Drive health monitoring proactively tracks the wear life of each SSD and issues an alert if defined thresholds are reached.
  • Integrated Recovery Guru diagnoses problems and provides the applicable procedure to use for recovery.
  • “Lost” data can be recreated on the fly using redundancy.
  • A drive rebuild can continue even when encountering an unreadable sector (patented).

Advanced Data Protection

The EF560 flash array offers advanced data protection common to enterprise storage to protect against data loss and downtime events, both locally and over long distance. These features include:

  • Snapshot copies. Create and restore point-in-time copies of data sets in under a second to protect against accidental data loss on the local array.
  • Volume copy. Create a complete physical copy (clone) of a volume for applications that require a full point-in-time copy of production data.
  • Remote replication. Provide long-distance disaster recovery to a remote site or co-location facility to enable your business operations to continue running no matter what happens.

Unique to the EF560 flash array is the capability to replicate data to either an EF560 or a NetApp E-Series system. This capability allows you the choice of creating a high-speed, low-latency recovery system that will run at the same speed as your production operations and/or failing over to a consolidated E-Series system with more cost-effective disk storage. This flexibility in design allows you to choose the profile of performance and cost unique to your business.

Disk Encryption

SANtricity® full-disk encryption combines local key management with drive-level encryption for comprehensive security for data at rest with no impact to performance. As all drives eventually leave the data centre though redeployment, retirement or service, it is reassuring to know that your sensitive data isn’t leaving with them.

Raw Capacity Up to 192TB
Max. 4K IOPS 650,000
Host Interface / Link Speeds 8 16Gb FC 8 12Gb SAS 8 10Gb iSCSI-optical 4 56Gb (FDR) InfiniBand
Power Consumption 472W (Typical) / 620W (Maximum)
Cooling Requirements 1,610 BTU/hr (Typical) / 2,116 BTU/hr (Maximum)
Supported OS

Microsoft® Windows® Server, Red Hat Enterprise Linux®, Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, Apple® Mac® OS, Oracle Solaris, HP, HP-UX, CentOS Linux, Oracle Enterprise Linux, IBM AIX, VMware® VSphere®

Manufacturer NetApp
Part No. EF560
Weight [Kg] 27.30
Depth 49.78
Width 48.26
Height 8.81
NetApp EF560 Flash Array