Arista 7150 lineupArista Networks 7150 Series Switches

On Sept. 19th, Arista Networks announced the 7150 series of switches, with a flexible forwarding path that supports advanced functionality through Software Defined Networking. These products enable architectures well suited to interoperate with SDN controllers for network-wide virtualisation, and VM mobility, without compromisation of performance.

The 7150 series offers up to 64 wire-speed 1/10 GbE ports or 16 40 GbE ports, and the largest Layer2/3 with multicast scale on offer today. The 7150 supports VXLAN tunnels at wire-speed, with workload mobility supported between physical and virtual machines. Thus enabling 40 GbE ports with port-2-port latency of just 350 ns on Layer2/3 forwarding.

Advanced network services such as NAT, IEEE 1588 PTP, and congestion management are for the 1st time available on a single system.

The wire speed NAT abilty of the 7150 eliminates 100s of milliseconds of forwarding delay in HPC and financial trading environments. The latency analyser functionality provide application level microburst detection, congestion monitoring, and analysis essential to big data optimisation.

With the addition of AgilePort, you can combine 4 10GbE ports into 1 40GbE port, easing simple network migrations.

The 7150 is perfect for ultra low latency appications in healthcare, hedge fund and finacial industries. Talk to our sales team today and see for yourself, the benefits of ultra low latency network performance.