CIARA, the market leader in high-frequency trading compute architecture, have today released the HF320S-G3. The new model joins the HF320 and HF320D already in the portfolio; but this time offering a 4.7 GHz Haswell-E processor. Not only have CIARA accelerated the CPU clock speed, but they also accelerate the cache, providing a clear differenciator to other Vendors.

The new 4.7 GHz clock speed will attract algorithmic traders, and those interested in ultra-low-latency. With the increased speed decreasing the tick to trade latency for those kind of applications. In the 'race to zero', trading outfits must take advantage of any potential decrease in latency.

"Trading operations must seize all opportunities to reduce processing times, even if the gain is merely a fraction of a millisecond. The latency between digesting the market feed and placing the order is the key factor in determining who will achieve the greatest return. As the ones who move the fastest are the ones who profit the most, the ORION HF320S-G3 is the perfect tool to maximize the return for our financial services customers." Patrick Scateni, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at CIARA.

CIARA ORION HF320S-G3 Specifications

2U server supporting IntelĀ® Haswell E 8-core processor at 4.7GHz with 16 to 64GB DDR4 2666MHz memory, 4x hot-swap 2.5/3.5" SATA3 drive bays, dedicated remote management GbE port, up to 5 PCI/e X16 and X8 slots and Redundant 770W Platinum Level High-Efficiency (94%) Digital Power Supplies.

For complete technical specification, please visit our specs page.

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