Canadian manufacturer Ciara Technologies have been market leaders in HPC since their inception in the early 80s. BSI supply the entire Ciara Technologies range and hold the experience to configure the correct high performance system for your business.

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Ciara KRONOS 800SR 5.0 GHz Rack-Mount Workstation

Ciara Technologies KRONOS 800SR 5.0 GHzCiara KRONOS 800SR 5.0 GHz

The Kronos 800SR rack-mount workstation uses an Intel i7 CPU overclocked to 5.0 GHz with liquid cooling technology. Memory runs at a blistering 2133 MHz. The internal SSD runs at 1225 MB/s, and an internal Teradici PCoIP chipset allows you to utilise KVM at your desk and locate the workstation in your datacentre without loss of video quality.

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Ciara NEXXUS Personal Compute Cluster

Ciara NEXXUS Personal Compute ClusterCiara NEXXUS Personal Cluster

The Nexxus Cluster has up to 7 HPC cluster nodes with dual Intel E5-2600 Sandy Bridge CPUs in a rack-mount liquid cooled chassis designed by ex-Cray SuperComputer engineers - and supports up to 4 nVidia Tesla GPUs for massively parallel computing power.

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The TITAN 911 SuperComputer, with Tesla GPUs from Ciara

The TITAN 911 SuperComputerThe TITAN 911 SuperComputer

The Titan 911 is a rack-mount Sandy Bridge server designed to accomodate 8 nVidia Tesla 20X0 GPU cards. That's 4096 CPU cores in just 4 RU for scientific and technical computing.

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