Here we have one of the fastest high frequency trading servers, the CIARA Technologies ORION HF320. Processors and memory are safely overclocked for extreme performance and are industrial level liquid cooled. Using the latest Intel Xeon processors the HF300 series is capable of up to 5.1 GHz. The memory is also clocked to 2133 MHz (33% faster than 1600 MHz).

Dual socket Intel Xeon, with remote reservoir liquid cooling.

Using closed circuit liquid cooling at an industrial level is the key to the clock speeds that CIARA are capable of achieving. Where more customised levels of tuning are required, we can adjust the clock and memory speeds according to exact needs.

We have the first HF320 (dual socket) and HF310 (single socket) in Europe, and we're in the process of testing and demonstrating the units. Should you or your business be interested in the HF320, HF310 or any CIARA Technologies appliances, contact BSI as your #1 HFT hardware expert.

Closed loop liquid cooling allows clocking to exceed 5.0 GHz in x86

Opening the box you are immediately impressed with the build quality, there's a pneumatic hinge on the chassis to assist in lifting the access panel (with psu's in situe). The dual socket motherboard is complete with Quadro 600 GPU and fully populated DIMM slots for 64 GB of 2133 MHz main memory.

Considering there are 4 large diameter main chassis fans, the system is relatively quiet. We weren't pushing the system too far, nor measured the dB output - but this HF320 wouldn't be too loud to sit desk side on a long term basis.

4 large diameter fans provide chassis cooling

There's a large array of expansion slots, all PCIe Gen 3.0 compliant. If parallel processing is a requirement then Intel Phi or Nvidia GPU cards could sit in here comfortably.

The board offers an array of PCIe Gen 3.0 slots

Should a breakdown occur, servicing is accessible thanks to the two apertures at the front and rear. The front houses the drive backplane, SSD array, USB and power LEDs. Lifting this gives access to the chassis fans and liquid cooling reservoirs.

4 Samsung SSDs provide local storage

The HF ORION series are available now from BSI, either for purchase or extended demonstration. If you wish to discuss the benefits of overclocking, the complete CIARA Technologies product line up, or any other infrastructure requirements contact your BSI account manager directly, use our online contact form, or call us.