Exablaze has reduced aggregation latency to a minimum of 49 nanoseconds – almost half the latency (or twice the speed) of previous generation multiplexers – with FastMux, the latest advance in the ExaLINK Fusion range. 

FastMux has the lowest latency crosspoint-enabled multiplexer on the market (minimum latency 48.79ns, median 53.79ns, maximum 58.79ns). It is capable of multiplexing 15 ports to 1 with almost identical Ultra-Low Latency. 

We can arrange a demonstration, so feel free to get in touch!

Can the performance figures be trusted? Vendors often claim performance figures without specifying the conditions or measurement technology used. The ExaLINK Fusion FastMux firmware upgrade ships with a performance verification report that shows the latency distribution of all ports as well as the configuration used for testing. The report was generated using Exablaze’s High Precision Timing network capture technology (ExaNIC HPT) which assures 0.25ns (250 picosecond) measurement resolution.

To receive the Performance Report, it is available here for download.