Fujitsu have upped the power of their SPARC64-X processor in its new SPARC64-X+. Fujitsu will be targeting 3.5 GHz with this latest upgrade to its long standing SPARC CPU line - a 16% increase to its SPARC64-X predecessor. This will deliver up to 448 gflops of peak performance (double-precision floating point).

The 'plus' model isn't a major departure from the SPARC64-X, rather more a linear improvement. With definite improvements aimed at the larger enterprise - those that run SPARC M series currently running Solaris for big work at the back end.

The SPARC64-X+ has the same 16 cores per die, each with the same simultaneous multithreading as seen before - threads that give two virtual threads per core to the OS. The chip has 24MB of Level 2 cache, in 2 segments and 2 DDR3 memory controllers - together with PCIe 3.0 and Interconnect circuits on the die. 

The 'plus' chip also delivers 102 GB/sec of throughput across the memory controllers, and each SPARC64-X+ socket can handle up to 1 TB of memory - scaling to 64 TB in total.

Details of the system board for the SPARC64-X+ are scarce currently, but the gluelessly interconnected sockets have around 168 GB/sec of bandwidth on the board. The crossbar switches on the current SPARC64-X processors run at 14.5 Gb/sec, with SPARC64-X+ that is upped to 35 Gb/sec.

We're not sure when the new processors will be available, but for more information please contact your BSI account manager or contact us via our contact form.