Finally, after much waiting – the latest up-tick is here.

The latest generation of E5-2600 has finally landed server-side. As a direct descendant of the E5-2600v3, the v4 uses a smaller 14nm process and is directly aimed at scale out architecture. The basis of the up-tick is more cores, more threads, and more cache for your applications; but for the same capital outlay as v3. The rough figures being touted are 20% more bang for your buck.

A complete specification list of E5-2600v4 CPUs is available here.

In line with Fujitsu’s naming convention change in late 2014, the new PRIMERGY X86 models available are the 'M2' rack, tower and blade servers: (Click each model for complete specification)

Another big advantage for those playing 'in-memory' is that the frequency of the DDR4 memory is now native at 2400MHz, a decent step up from the Haswell chips. Fujitsu now hold 4 outright benchmark world records with their Broadwell PRIMERGY E5-2600v4 based systems.

Fujitsu's 'Cool-safe' system has also been updated with these latest servers. The safe operating temperature being raised by 12.5% to 45 degrees Celsius. Meaning you could save on OpEx and reduce your cooling requirements.

Please take a look at the following video to see how the Fujitsu PRIMERGY server models can bring real benefit to your business, and not just your P&L.

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