Originally developed for small and medium sized companies, Fujitsu vShape offers a simple concept with highly scalable industry-standard components. This ensures the greatest possible flexibility as well as simple expandability, ensuring that vShape can easily meet the requirements of very large IT environments.

  • Immediate cloud deployment
  • Fast implementation tailored to your needs
  • Minimal project risks, optimum quality
  • Lower procurement costs
  • Simple, cost effective expandability
  • Lower TCO

vShape is formulated from x86 Servers by Fujitsu, Storage, Networking and Software by VMware - all enclosed within a single validated appliance. We like the fact that the vShape offers fully integrated architectures that are validated as solutions by the individual vendors - using defined software.

vShape is delivered ready to use, enabling IT departments to accelerate their projects tremendously.

Ideal for a wide range of application scenarios

  • Consolidation of optimization of application environments
  • More efficient support of changing infrastructure and fluctuating workloads
  • Simplification right down to branch office level
  • Implementation of a platform that establishes private cloud services

Benefits of Fujitsu vShape

  • Accelerate time-to-production by 50% or more
  • Reduce project costs and associated risks
  • Single point of support for the complete stack
  • Single centralised management portal for the stack

The Tech behind the vShape

  • Fujitsu RX300 S7 servers - always circling the top of the pile for VMware benchmarks.
  • 374 TB of scalable storage, via 10 GE fabric.
  • 48 ports of 1 GbE, with 2 10 GbE uplinks out of the switch
  • VMware vSphere for leading enterprise-class server virtualization

Fujitsu vShape is available now, talk to your BSI account manager now, or contact us for any other enquiry you may have.