Here at Business Systems International we pride ourselves on being committed to only the highest performance hardware. We're pleased to announce a new partnership in the form of Gnodal - providing the highest density and lowest latency network switches.

The GS-Series switches enable support for FCoE and iSCSI making them an ideal choice for environments where IPC and I/O can be combined across a single converged network.

Gnodal GS0072 - 72 Port QSFP Switch

Gnodal GS0072

At the top of the range is the GS0072, a 72 port QSFP switch in 2 RU with sub 285 ns latency. The highest density, lowest latency top of rack switch available.

Giving up to 5.8 Tbps of non-blocking bandwidth across its 72 ports and 4.3 Bpps forwarding capacity, the GS0072 is available with front-back or back-front air flow, depending on your data centre configuration. Redundancy is provided on the power supplies and cooling fans, and the unit is fully RoHS compliant - as are all Gnodal switches. 

Gnodal GS0036 - 36 Port QSFP Switch

Gnodal GS0036

The GS0036 is a 1RU 36 port QSFP switch with 2.9 Tbps of non-blocking throughput and forwarding capacity of over 2.15 Bpps. The GS0036 is suited to bandwidth hungry, data-intensive applications in High Performance environments. The GS0036 features the same latency as the 72 port version - less than 285 ns. 

Gnodal GS0018 - 18 Port QSFP Switch

Gnodal GS0018

The GS0018 is a 1RU 18 port QSFP switch, with ultra low latency of 150ns port-to-port. With extremely low jitter the GS0018 is ideal for latency sensitive applications. The GS0018 can also handle data intensive applications in high performance data centres thanks to its 1.5 TB/s on non-blocking throughput and over 1 Bpps forwarding capacity.

The complete product line up is available here.

For more information on the Gnodal low latency switches, please contact us on +44 (0)20 7352 7007