The vast majority of Enterprise class servers sold today are in a 1U and 2U rack-mount format. The design hasn’t significantly changed over the last decade. Systems are still mounted via rail-kits and the chassis has to be pulled forward and the top lid removed in order to service the components. To make matters worse, every system has a duplicate set of components such as power supplies that make the systems power-inefficient.

In the HPC world, many users have switched over to a 2U shared chassis design that accommodates four dual socket servers on pull-out trays. Each server takes up the equivalent of 0.5U and is hot-pluggable without having to disconnect power supplies or having to mess around with rail-kits.

For a further performance and energy optimisation boost, the systems can be liquid cooled at rack-level via an optional upgrade.

The sharing of power supplies across the systems and the use of a single chassis across every four servers allows the solution to ship at a lower cost than four separate conventional systems.

If you feel the technology looks of interest, or you would like to receive a pre-configured demo unit FOC, please feel free to contact us.