Exablaze has just released their ExaNIC X10-HPT – the first Network Interface Card that can measure latencies down to 250 picoseconds.

The card allows for time stamping Ethernet packets with sub-nanosecond resolution. The precise latency of a network device can be determined for each input packet - even for very low latency devices - rather than relying on statistical averages or vendor claims.

The high resolution timestamps can also be used in conjunction with supported Precision Time Protocol (PTP) software, for extremely accurate time-synchronization over low-jitter links such as dark fibre. We are offering free demonstrations of this market leading card, where we can provide a specific benchmark result on your system performance.

We can arrange a demonstration, so feel free to get in touch!

If you would like to receive a technical document on High Precision Time Stamping and NIC comparison sheet, a download is available here.