All major server manufacturers are introducing new single, dual, quad and eight socket servers.

Key to the new platform is Intel's new Mesh architecture. This optimises the processor chip for data sharing and memory access across all of the available cores and threads, allowing the processors to scale up from two sockets to eight sockets, whilst increasing the throughput.

Intel has introduced a new naming convention for their Xeon processors:

  • XEON Platinum CPUs:Up to 28 cores, up to 12TB memory, up to 8 sockets
  • XEON Gold CPUs:Up to 22 cores, up to 6TB memory, up to 4 sockets
  • XEON Silver CPUs: Up to 12 cores, up to 1.5TB memory, up to 2 sockets
  • XEON Bronze CPUs: Up to 8 cores, up to 1.5TB memory, up to 2 sockets

The following is a summary of the major improvements:

  • Increase in CPU bandwidth to 10.4 GT/s
  • Increase in memory bandwidth via 6 channels. (instead of 4)
  • Increase in memory performance, up to 2666Mhz
  • Integrated Omni-Path networking Fabric with up to 100Gb/s
  • Increase in PCIe bandwidth via 48 lanes per CPU (up from 40)
  • Please contact BSI for more specific CPU information or for server configuration assistance for HP/Fujitsu/Dell/Lenovo systems based on the new XEON processors.

    Evaluation of sale or return units from select manufacturers are available upon request.