Oracle have released 5 new servers in line with HP, IBM and Fujitsu's latest Sandy Bridge E5-2600 offerings. There are 3 rackable and 2 blade servers new to the Oracle lineup. Rather than hold a large press conference, Oracle hosted a smaller scale webcast exclaiming that the new servers are "the industry's best x86 plaform for Oracle applications."

Oracle Sun Fire X4170 M3

Sun Fire X4170 M3

Sun Fire X4170 M3

The X4170 M3 is a 1U rack mount with 16 DDR3 dimm slots supporting up to 512 GB of low voltage dimms. Oracle will support low voltage dimms at 1.6 GHz in the forms of 8, 16, and 32 GB - with 32 GB running at 1.07 GHz.

The X4170 M3 had four ethernet ports, just as prior X4170's - only now they're limited to 10 GbE only. It also has 6x USB, 4x PCIe 3.0, and supports 2.5" or 3.5" drives in SAS, SATA or SSD forms.

Oracle Sun Fire X4270 M3

Sun Fire X4270 M3

Sun Fire X4270 M3

The X4270 M3 is sat on a different 2 socket motherboard. Due to it's 2U rack height, you have greater capacity for Disks, peripherals and more. Disk capacity is 12x 3.5" or 24x 2.5", with the option to run an 8x 2.5" chassis with emphasis on cooling as opposed to storage limitation.

The X4270 M3 has the same 512 GB memory limitation, PCIe 3.0 stats, and 4x 10 GbE ports on the system board.

Sun Fire X6270 M3 Blade Server

Sun Fire X6270 M3

Sun Fire X4670 M3

With regards to the blade architecture, the Sun Blade X6270 M3 sits inside the same Sun Blade 6000 chassis which has been around for many years. The X6270 M3 is 2 socket, with 24 dimm slots - only supporting low-voltage RDIMMs in 8 and 16 GB capacities, limiting memory capacity to 384 GB.

Each X6270 M3 has four SAS-2 interfaces to the midplane, and 4 2.5" drive slots supporting SAS or SSD disks. The I/O is put externally to an ExpressModule and network traffic to an external NEM; these connect to the 6000 chassis at the rear and connect to the midplane in the same way the blades do.

All of these machines will have Solaris 11 as standard, unless you configure otherwise. RHEL, SuSE, and Windows 2k8 are all supported OS', with Xen Hypervisor or VMware ESXi being supported for Virtual implementation.

Not all E5-2600's are supported here, but the 135w top of the range are, Oracle are going all out for performance.

For the Telco's and DC power requirements, there's a new Netra X4270 M3 based upon the X4270 M3. Supporting fewer disks with a concentration on cooling for added ruggedisation when necessary. There's also the DC power option for those that need it.

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