A little behind everyone else, ‘Big Red’ have released their Haswell based Intel X86 machines, with a few technical advantages over other Vendors

Early December saw the new X5 Oracle machines available for delivery. Featuring Intel E5-2600 v3 chips and NVMe SSDs for up to 6.4TB of high-bandwidth flash storage.

As with HP, IBM (read, Lenovo), and Fujitsu – there are up to 36 cores per system available with varying levels of clock speed depending on your flavour of chip.

Oracle Sun X5-2L Server
Oracle Sun X5-2 Server

Oracle have two machines on offer: the X5-2 and the X5-2L. 1U and 2U respectively, with the 2U serving up a higher number of PCI expansion slots and extra disk capacity.

A big feature of this technical up-tick X5 generation is the NVMe ‘Smart Flash Cache’. This new feature places 4 small form factor flash NVMe drives on a separate PCIe controller with 12 Gbps of SAS3 bandwidth. Ideal for acceleration of Oracle RAC Database or your own applications.

1U Oracle Sun X5-2

2U Oracle Sun X5-2L

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