It doesn't have to be.

Hold on to your cash by renting your Oracle Licenses from Business Systems International, rather than purchasing them outright.

In this tough economic climate, there's been no better time to rent your Oracle licenses, rather than suffer the costs associated with perpetual license commitments.

With our annual licensing, there is no long term obligation. You can discontinue licenses from one year to the next, you can reduce your total license number and you can move from one product family to another. There is no obligation to take support, allowing you to move in and out of support at your convenience.

Oracle Database

Oracle Database Edition Named
(per) User
Per Processor
(Unlimited User)
Standard Edition One (1-2 Socket Server) £ 24
per Annum
£ 777
per Annum
Standard Edition (1-4 Socker Server) + free Oracle RAC £ 47
per Annum
£ 2,346
per Annum
Enterprise Edition £ 127
per Annum
£ 6,368
per Annum

Oracle Solaris on non-Oracle Servers

Oracle Solaris Operating System £ Cost
Oracle Solaris (per Socket - 1–4 Sockets) £ 672
per Annum
Oracle Solaris (per Socket, 1–4 Sockets - when purchased with Server) £ 599
per Annum

Oracle Linux

Oracle Linux Operating System Web only support
£ Cost
With tel. support
£ Cost
Oracle Linux (Unlimited Sockets) £ 804
per Annum
£ 1,536
per Annum
Oracle Linux (2 Socket) £ 336
per Annum
£ 936
per Annum
Oracle VM (Virtualization equivilient to VMware - unlimited VMs per System) £ 396
(up to 2 socket, with Tel. support) per Annum
£ 804
per Annum

With Oracle Linux, you get:

  • Unlimited cores & unlimited guests
  • Updates via unbreakable Linux network
  • 100% source code compatibility with Red Hat - switch without reinstallation
  • The only supported method of Virtualization for Oracle Database
  • Unique enhancements for Unbreakable Kernel, with SSD, Infiniband, and NUMA optimisation

For more details contact us or reply to this e-mail for advice and a free review of your licensing options.