With the launch of the single socket, 16-core Fujitsu M10-1, it's now possible to build an incredibly powerful four node Oracle Cluster at a huge saving. One of the beauties of Oracle Standard Edition is that you can deploy Oracle RAC (Real Application Clustering) for free on the condition that your total CPU count doesn't exceed four.

Four Fujitsu M10-1 Oracle Cluster

The number of CPU cores or the speed of the cores doesn't matter. So take four of the World's fastest Single socket servers and join them together in a RAC cluster for as little as £50k.

The Fujitsu M10-1 is the first server to include "Software On Chip" where essential Database functions are built into the CPU. Oracle can't yet take advantage of this additional functionality, but will in future releases.

For complete specs on the Fujitsu M10-1 please follow this link. For more information, technical demonstration, or to arrange a consultation please contact us.