• To help customers manage the critical identity information that drives their business applications, Oracle today announced Oracle Unified Directory 11g.
  • As a key component of Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g, Oracle Unified Directory is the world’s first unified directory solution with highly integrated storage, synchronization, and proxy capabilities. These capabilities help meet the evolving needs of enterprise architectures that must support an increasing number of mobile computing and cloud computing requirements.
  • Using Oracle Unified Directory, customers can lower the cost of administration and ownership by maintaining a single directory for all of their enterprise needs, while also simplifying their enterprise architecture.
  • Oracle Unified Directory is optimized for mobile and cloud computing environments where elastic scalability becomes critical as service providers need a solution that can scale by dynamically adding more directory instances without re-architecting their solutions to support exponential business growth.
  • Oracle Unified Directory joins the Oracle Directory Services Plus Suite of products, which also includes Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition, Oracle Virtual Directory 11g and Oracle Internet Directory 11g. This next-generation product builds on the company’s existing directory solutions, providing the most integrated and complete directory services offering on the market.

All-in-One Directory Provides Single Source of Truth

  • Highlights of Oracle Unified Directory 11g include:
  • Next Generation: builds on the success and wide adoption of Oracle’s existing directory services solutions with five years of continuous and innovative development to address the increasing demands on modern directory servers;
  • High Volume Writes: utilizes social and location-based services to increase the frequency of changes to identity data, as well as expanding the contents to include more details, including location, images, and relationships;
  • Elastic Scalability and Extreme Performance: provides a global index and data distribution capabilities to deliver unmatched elastic horizontal scalability and offers high-scale authentication performance to serve an unparalleled billions of users, subscribers and devices;
  • On-premise and Cloud Computing Capabilities: controls the synchronization and virtualization of the data to make data available to cloud-based applications and systems while protecting data privacy and data jurisdiction across organizational and state boundaries;
  • Smaller footprint: makes Oracle Unified Directory simple to embed and easy to deploy and manage;
  • Integrated: interoperates with all components of Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g and Oracle Directory Services Plus Suite, while still providing standards support for application integration and scalable data management in heterogeneous environments. Additionally, it also integrates with Oracle Enterprise Manager for monitoring and Oracle Directory Services Manager for configuration.

Supporting Quotes

  • “Oracle Unified Directory significantly changes the directory market landscape by providing a unified solution in a fragmented marketplace that addresses enterprise, Internet and cloud requirements,” said Amit Jasuja, vice president, Oracle Identity Management. “By implementing a single integrated offering, customers no longer have to compromise between speed and features because Oracle Unified Directory can easily provide both.”