Pure Storage have announced the 3rd generation of their all flash storage array hardware. At its heart are two Intel Sandy Bridge processors, capable of delivering 400,000 8K IOPS. This next generation system offers double the performance and double the capacity for up to 100 TB of usable all-flash storage, with the 2 RU rackmount systems packing 192 GB RAM, and four 8 Gb/s Fibre Channel, or four 10 Gb/s Ethernet iSCSI ports.

Pure Storage FA400 All Flash Array

As well as releasing their new hardware, Pure Storage have also reworked their Purity storage management software, upping it to V3.0 - promising that 'practically any change can be made to the array, without down time or performance impact'. Security is promised via 256-bit AES encryption and a multi-admin secure administration environment.


  • Non-disruptive upgrades
  • Enhanced data security
  • Broader 3rd party support
  • Cloud based support model, with crowd sourced intelligence
  • 2 RU per Controller, and per Storage Shelf
  • > 10x faster than disk
  • Up to 400,000 8K IOPS
  • < 1ms consistant latency
  • Reduce power consumption by 80% (compared to disk)
  • Increase VM consolidation rates
  • Increase speed of transactions in the DB by 3-10x