STAC IT, London - 10, May 2016

Today saw the general release of Solarflare's latest high performance server adaptors, the SFN8522 and SFN8542. Offering 10 and 40GbE respectively; the new cards offer sub micro-second TCP one-way latency, 60 million packets per second processing rates, and full-dual 10/40 GbE sustained bidirectional bandwidth.

The Flareon Ultra SFN8500 adaptors will be available June 2016; with 2 initial models available.

Both new cards integrate with Solarflare's current software stack; perhaps most notably PTP and SolarCapture. Enabling you clear monitoring of loss and or data compromise.

  • Less than 1 microsecond TCP half round trip latency
  • Greater than 60 Mpps frame processing rates
  • 16 lanes of PCIe Gen 3.1, with full dual 40 Gb/s sustained bidirectional bandwidth
  • Stratum 3E temperature-compensated oscillator
  • Flexible layer 2-4 flow processing and flow steering
  • Full stateless offload support, including double checksum and reassembly for network overlay protocols

Solarflare also provide a wide ranging software stack to supplement the adapters. Enabling acute optimisation depending on the workload.

  • Ultra-Low Latency to optimize packet flow to and from user applications
  • OpenOnload® application acceleration, for lower latency and higher transaction rate
  • Precision Time hardware time stamping to improve time synchronization and server clock accuracy
  • SolarCapture® software for improved network monitoring, visibility and security, to help diagnose and troubleshoot network problems such as data leakage and loss
  • SolarSecure™ Filter Engine to offload and rapidly absorb DDoS attacks without degradation of "good" traffic and to provide secure network-based control of data center network flows at every server.

Perhaps best known in the High frequency trading markets, with these new adaptors Solarflare takes a step towards more mainstream financial applications within the data-centre.

"With our new generation of technology we are revolutionizing the way in which enterprises can scale and secure their data centers. The Flareon Ultra SFN8500 hardware, together with our innovative software, will enable our customers to build out private cloud networks and run the critical applications they were not previously able to. As cyber security becomes the biggest challenge and priority for mission-critical data centers, a number of our customers have already begun using our new products to great impact and we are excited to announce our plans for their general availability."Russell Stern, Solarflare President and Chief Executive Officer.

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