If you've recently tendered or purchased server or storage hardware, you might be overlooking a vital piece of your infrastructure that's bottle-necking your new equipment.

To use the metaphor of a sports car and a broken road, you'll never see top speed when the road is old and littered with pot holes. This is what your servers, whether they're Sandy Bridge, Ivy Bridge, or any bridge, are experiencing every second that they're in use. At BSI, we're advocates of high end, HPC equipment.

This is why we're such firm believers in the Arista line of switches. They're a market leader in ultra-low latency networking. Their purpose-built hardware and the Cisco compatible Arista EOS Operating System provide single-binary system images across all platforms - maximising system uptime, providing ZeroTouch provisioning and a fully accessible Linux shell. Native support for VMware virtualisation and hundreds of Linux applications is included with every Arista switch.

We can offer you a 'Road Test' of an Arista switch, to let us prove to you the kind of performance increase these fantastic switches are capable of giving your servers.

To register your interest in a Road Test, or for any further information, please contact us.

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