SuperMicro have released their Hyper-Speed line of servers aimed at High Frequency Trading applications. Utilising over-clocked, memory tuning, and additional cooling efficiencies they have gained up to 30% decrease in latency - although not at the expense of reliability.

They are built upon SuperMicro's X9DAX motherboards, with dual Intel Sandy Bridge (E5-2600) CPUs. They're in 2U chassis aimed at colocation deployments. The 2U chassis is designed for optimum airflow (they're not liquid cooled), with the CPUs cooled via proprietary heatsinks. Complete adjustment is available via the onboard frequencies and firmware.

SuperMicro Hyper-Speed SuperServer 6027AX-72RFSuperMicro Hyper-Speed SuperServer 6027AX-72RF

”Advanced trading firms looking to reduce latency and maximize transaction flow can gain an advantage with the extreme processing power and enterprise-class server optimizations designed into Supermicro’s Hyper-Speed systems,”
Wally Liaw, Vice President of Sales, International at Supermicro.

When benchmarked (by SuperMicro) a reduction in overall latency of 31% was achieved, with Jitter reduced by a substancial 73%. Overclocking is still seen as taboo by the big manufacturers, but with the likes of CIARA and SuperMicro utilising massively efficient cooling techniques the lifespan of the CPUs should not be affected.

All associated hardware (NICs, Motherboards, PCIe devices) are tested by SuperMicro before they are officially supported. The performance increase isn't just down to the overclock, customised firmware is used to achieve the lowest latency possible.

Example Configuration

  • SuperMicro 2U 4 Bay Chassis
  • Dual 1280W Power Supplies
  • Dual Intel Xeon E5-2687W 8 Core 3.1 GHz Processors (3.8 GHz @ Turbo)
  • 64 GB of DDR3 ECC Registered Main Memory
  • 2x 200GB Enterprise SSD (MLC)

£7,999 +VAT

Standard Features & Expansion

  • 2x PCIe Gen3 x16
  • 3x PCIe Gen3 x8
  • 1x UIO PCIe Gen3 x8 or 1x PCIe Gen2 x4 (in x8)
  • 2x GbE LAN, 4x USB 3.0, 2x HD/AC97, 1x IPMI, 2x IEEE 1394

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