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In partnerships with Nvidia, Kinetica makes 'real-time' a reality.

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Thursday, 16 Feb, 2017

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BSI Stock Markets

It doesn't have to be. In this tough economic climate, there's been no better time to rent your Oracle Database licenses rather than suffer the costs associated with perpetual license commitments. Purchasing perpetual licenses commits you to an annual spend of 22% of the original license cost in support fees, for infinitum.

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Tuesday, 22 Jan, 2013

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Following Larry Ellison's hip-shot statement that X86 isn't a profitable business venture for Oracle they've announced the Database Appliance based on X86 hardware. The Oracle Database Appliance is an all new package that includes Servers, Storage, Software and Network as an all-in-one.

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Monday, 26 Sep, 2011

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