The Violin Memory 6200 Series is a 12TB to 64TB Flash storage solution that can transform the performance of your trading and back-office systems.

Violin 6200 Series Flash Storage Appliance

Take as an example a typical database driven trading application. Processors and memory run at up to 100% utilisation until an I/O request is received. Processor utilisation then drops to 5% while the data, sitting on the only moving part in the system, the spinning disks, is accessed.

A typical response to resolving the performance issue would be to address the 100% CPU utilisation by adding processors and database CPU licenses. An expensive exercise given that the CPUs are running at 100% only for some of the time.

BSI’s experience with Banks, Hedge Funds and proprietary trading firms is that Jitter and latency are the real enemies to performance. Replace the mechanical spinning disks with Violin flash storage and by removing the jitter, transform your application performance by consistently pushing your processors and memory at full utilisation.

Results speak for themselves, so if your traders or strategists complain about poor system performance, take Violin Memory Flash storage for a test drive. Our team will deliver and install the Flash array at no cost to you.

Click here for full technical specifications on the Violin Memory 6200 range. For any other query you may have, please contact our sales team or simply reply to this email.