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Oracle Key Manager


Compliance with legal, financial, and regulatory requirements is dependent on data security. If you lose sensitive data and it’s not encrypted, your business is exposed to sanctions, penalties and loss of brand equity. Designed to meet stringent enterprise requirements, Oracle Key Manager (OKM) 2.5 makes it easy to implement and scale storage-based encryption—for operational and archive data—without unnecessary cost and complexity.
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  • Get up and running quickly—a day or two for most companies—and manage keys easily with user-defined policies.
  • Protect encryption keys for full data lifecycle throughout distributed and heterogeneous storage environments.
  • Grow without worry since you can manage thousands of storage devices and millions of encryption keys.
Manufacturer Sun Oracle
Part No. 034355
Width 445 mm
Height 390 mm
Weight [Kg] 10.00
Rack Units 1 U

Distributed and heterogeneous storage infrastructures are a given, so the OKM 2.5 provides a comprehensive, application and operating system agnostic platform for tape key management from a single pane of glass. OKM is composed of the following elements:

  • Key Management Appliance (KMA). Two or more KMAs are connected to form a cluster for high availability of keys and optimized performance. The KMAs create, provision and manage encryption keys based on policies and actions.
  • Oracle Key Management GUI and CLI. A graphical user interface (GUI) or two command line interfaces (CLIs) communicate with the Oracle Key Manager cluster from a workstation over an IP network to manage the system.
  • The optional SCA 6000 Cryptographic Card provides FIPS 140-2 Level 3 compliance to OKM 2.5.

The Oracle Key Manager 2.5 is designed with an emphasis on simplicity, security, and scalability so you can realize the following benefits:

  • Security. Oracle Key Manager is a hardened solution that provides FIPS 140-2 Level 3 compliance (with SCA6000 Cryptographic Card) and secure key protection throughout key lifecycle, with a dedicated key management and delivery network.
  • Interoperability. Open standards-based architecture supports diverse storage devices—mainframe to open systems—under a single storage key management system.
  • Availability. Ensures high availability with active n-node clustering, dynamic load balancing and automated failover.
  • Manageability. User-defined, policy-based automatic key management with secure client GUI makes it easy to administer the solution in one site or worldwide.
  • Scalability. On a single clustered Oracle Key Manager appliance pair, you can manage thousands of storage devices and millions of encryption keys. Scale your solution easily and non-disruptively.