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Oracle SPARC M5-32 Server

Highest Performance and Best RAS in a Single Server


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Oracle’s SPARC M5-32 server is a massively scalable SMP data center server that is designed for very large business-critical workloads and server consolidation. Powered by the new SPARC M5 processor, it delivers high per-processor core performance and extreme system throughput.
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Key Features

  • Massive system scalability and performance with up to 32 SPARC M5 processors and 32 TB of system memory
  • 6-core, 8 threads per core, SPARC M5 processor with extra large 48 MB shared L3 cache for exceptional per core performance and system throughput
  • Oracle’s highest availability enterprise-class server with most major components redundant and hot pluggable
  • Most comprehensive virtualization technologies in a single server cabinet for increased utilization, server consolidation, and security. Built-in capabilities include Oracle’s Dynamic Domains, Oracle VM Server for SPARC, and Oracle Solaris Zones
  • Runs Oracle Solaris 11 and Oracle Solaris 10 (guest domains) with guaranteed binary compatibility and support for legacy applications
  • New configurable and high RAS server enclosure providing large internal disk capacity and high performance I/O PCIe 3.0 expansion
  • Integrated on-chip cryptographic acceleration provides high levels of security without sacrificing application performance
  • Designed for the most demanding business-critical workloads and huge expansion capability for future growth needs
  • Application investment protection with 100 percent binary compatibility with earlier versions of SPARC Solaris applications
  • Provides the highest level of system availability with an extensive RAS design including electrically isolated Dynamic Domains
Part No. m5-32
Manufacturer Sun Oracle
End of Life? No
Rack Units Complete Rack
Height 2000
Width 904
Depth 1451
Weight [Kg] 1677.00
CPU Socket(s) Up to 32 six-core 3.6 GHz SPARC M5 processors
Compatible CPU(s) SPARC V9 architecture
Max CPU Clk Spd 3.6 GHz
CPU Cache Large shared 48 MB, 8 banked, Level 3 Cache
128 KB Level 2 unified cache per core
Max # Thread(s) Up to 48 compute threads per processor for a maximum 1,536 threads per system
Memory Capacity System maximum of 32 TB shared using 32 GB 1,066 MHz DDR3 DIMMs
Memory Expansion 16 GB and 32 GB DIMMs are supported
Drive Bays Up to thirty-two 600 GB 2.5 in. SAS drives or 300 GB SSDs.
Supported OS
  • Oracle Solaris 11.1
  • Oracle Solaris 10 1/13 (using Oracle Solaris guest domains)
  • Applications certified only for Oracle Solaris 8 or Oracle Solaris 9 may be installed in an Oracle Solaris legacy zone in an Oracle Solaris 10 guest domain
PCI Slot(s) Sixty-four low-profile PCIe 3.0 (x8 wired) slots accessed via a PCIe hot-plug carrier
Serial Ports Two RJ45 console ports on each SP (2): one serial management port, one 1 GbE network port
LAN Socket(s) Up to thirty-two 10 GbE (100 Mbps/1 Gbps/10 Gbps) using configured Base I/O cards
Standard The SPARC M5-32 server comes with a one-year warranty.