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Oracle Sun 6580 Storage Array

Permits non-disruptive capacity additions and enables volume characteristics to be changed on the fly to optimize protection and minimize risk.

Oracle’s Sun Storage 6580 Array, part of the award-winning Sun Modular Storage 6000 family, is designed to handle large data sets in applications that target databases, virtualisation, and enterprise email
applications. It delivers market-leading performance for primary storage and is a cost-effective business continuity solution. Like all the other systems in the Sun Modular Storage family, the array is designed to deliver investment protection and data protection while applications evolve. The Sun Storage 6580 Array is also distinguished by high availability, extensive interoperability, easy manageability, and flexible scalability.
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The Sun Storage 6580 Array supports 256 drives, is upgradable, and is compatible with other members of the modular portfolio. Users can mix SATA and Fibre Channel drives to design a tiered storage environment with centralized management and integrated data services for business continuity.

Architected to provide high reliability and availability, the Sun Storage 6580 offers redundant components; automated I/O path failover; and extensive online configuration, reconfiguration, and maintenance capabilities designed to ensure that your data is available 24x7. In addition, RAID 6 technology guards against concurrent drive failures and errors and persistent cache backup to ensure that any data in cache is captured and safe in the event of a power outage.

The SMIS-compliant Sun Storage Common Array Manager (CAM) software is the array’s browser-based, application-oriented management interface. Accessible from anywhere with the use of a secure internet connection, the Sun Storage CAM software includes built-in performance tracking and automated diagnostics so users can focus on precise, predictable, and repeatable results.

Manufacturer Sun Oracle
Part No. 034781
End of Life? Yes
Succeeded By Oracle FS1 Flash Storage System
Width 444.5 mm
Height 174.5 mm
Depth 609.6 mm
Weight [Kg] 36.80
Rack Units 4 U
Drive Bays Fibre Channel; SATA II; SSD
Capacity 512 TB
HDD Suitability Fibre Channel Drives
• 300GB 15,000 rpm, 4Gbps, 4,800GB per tray (3 RU);
• 600GB 15,000 rpm, 4Gbps, 9,600GB per tray (3RU): FDE Capable;
SATA II Drives
• 1TB, 7,200 rpm, 3Gbps, 16,000GB per tray (3 RU);
• 2TB, 7,200 rpm, 3Gbps, 32,000GB per tray (3 RU);
Solid State Drives
• 73GB FC, 1,168GB per tray (3RU);
Cache 8GB, 16GB or 32GB Dedicated Data Cache
Cache Backup Permanent cache destage to flash Memory
Controller Card Dual Fibre Channel RAID controller with dual host interface cards
Drive Depopulation Scales from 5 to 16 hard disk drives per tray
Dynamic Capacity Expansion 5–256 Drives; 730 GB–512 TB
Dynamic Reconfiguration Volume expansion, RAID migration, capacity expansion, segment size migration, volume and virtual disk reconfiguration, controller firmware upgrades.
Expansion Tray Up to16 CSM200 expansion trays
Host Interface / Link Speeds Eight 4Gbps or 8Gbps direct, arbitrated loop, or switched attached ports
Integrated Data Services • Sun Storage Domains (supports from 16 to 512 storage domains);
• Sun Storage Data Replicator (supports up to 128 replicated volumes)(optional);
• Sun Storage Local Copy Services (Volume Copy & Snapshot) (supports up to 16 snapshots per volume (1024 total) and 2047 total olume copies) (optional);
• Sun Data Encryption Services Sun Data Encryption Services (must be used with FDE capable drives) (optional);
Other Interfaces Sixteen 4Gb/sec FC expansion ports;
Four 10/100BASE-T Ethernet ports;
Two 9-pin RS-232 serial ports
Supported OS • Solaris Operating System 9 & 10;
• Microsoft Windows 2003 SP2 & R2, 2008 SP2 & R2, Hyper V;
• OEL 5.5, 5.6, 6.0 (RDAC Only);
• OVM 2.2;
• HP-UX 11.23 & 11.31;
• IBM AIX 6.1;
• RHEL 5.5, 5.6, 6.0 (RDAC Only);
• Linus SuSE 11.1;
• VMware ESX 3.5u5 & 4.1;
Supported Software • Legato NetWorker 7.3;
• Sun Cluster 3.0, 3.1;
• Sun StorageTek QFS software 4.0 minimum;
• Sun StorageTek SAM-FS software 4.0 minimum;
• Sun StorageTek Availability Suite 3.2 minimum;
• Sun StorageTek Enterprise Backup software 7.3;
• Solaris Volume Manager (embedded in the Solaris 9 and 10 OSs);
• VERITAS Storage Foundation (VxVM/VxFS) 5.0;
• VERITAS Cluster Server (VCS) 5.0;
• VERITAS NetBackup 6.0 or higher;
LAN Socket(s) 4x 10/100BASE-T Ethernet ports
Serial Ports 2x 9-pin RS-232 serial ports
RAID Controller 0, 1, 3, 5, 6 (p+q), and 10