High Frequency, High Performance, and Parallel Computing

'HFT & HPC' as a Service

BSI have been at the forefront of High-Frequency & High-Performance systems for many years. It's an arms race and it's no good arming yourselves with sub-par machinery.

BSI deploy the lowest-latency, highest-frequency architecture to all four corners of the globe. Whether you are processing your own algorithms, simulating, or just require the highest performance infrastructure that exists - talk to BSI today and use their expertise to give your business the edge.

Whether you require accelerated and over-clocked server or workstations, GPU root complexes or have a requirement for low latency networking, BSI have the right solution.

We supply the highest performance infrastructure

  • High frequency trading systems
  • Low latency networking
  • Flash storage
  • High speed NICs
  • High bandwidth switching
  • Co-location services
  • Hosted high frequency compute
  • Trading floor workstations
  • GPGPU parallel computing

Discretion is key

Of course, most of our HPC & HFT customers won't talk about what they're doing and where.

We can provide plenty of solution examples by simply engaging with us.