Fujitsu Dynamic Infrastructures for VMware vCloud

The Fujitsu Dynamic Infrastructures for VMware vCloud are a range of ready to go, pre-integrated and scalable solutions that will redefine how organisations view the implementation of their cloud strategy.

VMwares most innovative solution 2012

This range of true out-of-the-box configurations, which include hardware, management software and services from Fujitsu, VMware, Symantec and Brocade, can help organisations to realise the benefits of cloud computing without the associated risks and costs. Dynamic Infrastructures for VMware vCloud provide everything an organisation needs to deliver an on-premise cloud infrastructure, which can be fully operational in days, not weeks or months.

Configurations start with 4 blades and scale up to 18 blades with up to 144TB of storage. This robust scalability can provide up to 432 VMs from a single rack configuration.

Fujitsu Dynamic Infrastructure for VMware vCloud

Many organisations have identified cloud computing as a strategic initiative to drive and support organisational agility, efficiency and quality of service.

However, for organisations that plan to offer cloud services out of their own data centre operations, the challenges of installing and configuring a cloud platform can be overwhelming.

With Dynamic Infrastructures for VMware vCloud, Fujitsu and Arrow ECS can provide a pre-integrated IT infrastructure solution enabling the fast and easy implementation of a cloud environment.

Why adopt Dynamic Infrastructures for VMware vCloud from Fujitsu?

Reduce risk and cost - The pre-integrated, pre-configured and pre-tested infrastructure solution reduces implementation risk and accelerates setup of a private cloud infrastructure.

Rapidly deployment - An integrated onsite deployment service provides streamlined installation and initial setup of the complete infrastructure.

Reduce maintenance time and cost - SolutionContract – a maintenance and support service with integrated life-cycle management covering the complete solution.

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