IBM System x Servers

The business productivity suite of IBM x86 servers continues to grow to address your specific needs. New additions to the portfolio include the entry-level Systemx3250M4, the value, storage-rich System x3620 M3, the extremely storage-dense System x3630 M3 and the four-socket, AMD Opteron-equipped System x3755 M3. The flagship System x servers, the x3650 M3 and x3550 M3 deliver energy-smart designs featuring low-wattage, energy-efficient power supplies, counter rotating fans, altimeters and advanced power management. These servers can help reduce power costs up to £65per server per year. Integrating two Intel® Xeon® 5600 series processors with Quick Path Interconnect (QPI), Hyper-Threading and TurboBoost technology, these servers dramatically improve performance compared to previous generation servers.

For smaller or distributed office environments, IBM System x offers the entry-level System x3100 M4 and x3200 M3 tower servers and the System x3500 M3 and System x3400 M3 tower servers that are packed with business-critical features in a tower platform. Rock-solid and reliable, these systems offer extensive flexibility, storage and security for servers that sit right besideyour desk. Built on some of the latest Intel Xeon 5600seriesprocessors, the x3500 M3 and x3400 M3 offer the performance speeds that are so critical to businesses with remote offices and ahigh number of transactions.

To deliver Systemx technology that works for your business,Systemx supports a broad range of operating systems and virtualisation solutions that allow you to consolidate and simplify your heterogeneous workloads on a single platform. Virtualisation on Systemx helps you reduce your costs and boost your IT resiliency.

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  • IBM Flex System x240 M5 Compute Node

    Reduce operating costs with new energy-efficient Intel Xeon E5-2600v3 processors and 50 percent more cores and cache than the previous generation

    As organizations face continued pressure to consolidate data center infrastructure, they also wrestle with the need to handle more compute..
  • IBM System x3250 M5 Server

    Advanced performance and energy efficiency for small businesses in a single-socket 1U rack server

    The new IBM® System x3250 M5 is the most compact rack server in the IBM System x® portfolio. Designed in a single-socket 1U form factor,..
  • IBM System x3550 M5 Rack Mount Server

    Powerful, compact server packed with the performance, reliability and security to fuel any workload

    Designed in a compact, versatile 1U two-s ocket rack server, the System x3550 M5 rack server fuels almost any workload from infrastructure..
  • IBM System x3650 M5 Server

    Commanding performance and versatility with leading-edge reliability and security for enterprise solutions

    With the powerful, versatile new 2U two-socket IBM System x3650 M5 rack server, you can run even more workloads, all day every day and gain..
  • IBM System x3650 M4 HD Server

    Two-socket 2U rack server with blend of performance and reliability for business-critical workloads

    The IBM® System x3650 M4 HD is a 2-socket 2U rack-optimized server. It supports up to 32 internal drives and features an innovative design..
  • IBM System x iDataPlex dx360 M4 Blade Server

    Designed to optimize density and performance within typical data center infrastructure limits.

    The unique half-depth form factor is designed to help you improve compute density in your space-constrained data center while also..
  • IBM System x3620 M3 Rack Mount Server

    Cost-optimised 2-socket server for growing businesses

    The IBMSystem x3620 M3 gives growing businesses a flexible, 2-socket server designed to keep costs down. Built on the latest Intel® ..
  • IBM System x3550 M3 Rack Mount Server

    Optimum computing performance in a compact design

    The IBM System x3550 M3 builds on the latest Intel Xeon processor technology with extreme processing power and superior energy-management..
  • IBM System x3250 M3 Rack Mount Server

    Flexible functionality in a 1U server at acompact price

    The IBM System x3250 M3 is a 1U single socket rack server that offers new levels of performance and flexibility to help you respond quickly..
  • IBM System x3250 M4 Rack Mount Server

    Innovative, value-priced single-socket rack server

    The IBM System x3250 M4 server delivers the latest Intel® processor technology in an ultra-small, single-socket rack server. Priced for..
  • IBM System x3550 M4 Rack Mount Server

    Performance, flexibility, cost and density—perfectly balanced

    The IBM® System x3550 M4 server provides outstanding performance for your mission-critical applications. Its energy-efficient design..
  • IBM System x3650 M4 Rack Mount Server

    Innovative design with flexibility, performance and outstanding uptime

    The IBM® System x3650 M4 server provides outstanding performance for your mission-critical applications. Its energy-efficient design..

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