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Oracle have made so may acquisitions over the past two decades that licensing all of their products has become a treacherous and daunting task. Auditing all of your equipment, your software and your hardware can be a mountainous task. This is where BSi can help. We can audit on your behalf and only license what you need licensed - saving your enterprise valuable resources in both time and financial aspects.

Types of License

Perpetual - a one-off license feed that enables you continuous use of the Oracle software for the duration of time that you adhere to the contract.

Term - a license for a specified, finite period of time during which you are allowed to use the software. At the end of the term, you may either renew the license or forfeit use of the software. Annual term licenses are available 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 year terms.

License Metrics

Either 'Named user plus' or 'Processor' are available. Named user plus is used in environments where devices and users can be easily audited. Per processor is used conversely, where users and devices aren't easily identified.

Named User Plus - this includes both Human and Non-Human resources. Any sensing equipment must be licensed, as must the person if the device is used by such person.

Processor - Applicable to environments where users cannot reasonable be accounted for, such as the Internet. The number of licenses required is determined by multiplying the number of cores the processor has by the 'core processing licensing factor' specified on the Oracle Processor Core Factor Table.

We can save your business money on Oracle Licensing

Licensing in the correct way is a time consuming task, that can lead to financial penalty if done incorrectly. BSi are in exactly the right position to help you audit, license, and renew your license contracts in the most efficient way possible.